Raritan Waste Treatment System
Raritan Raritan Lectra/San MC
  • Raritan Waste Treatment System

Raritan Lectra San MC Waste Treatment System

The Raritan Lectra San MC Waste Treatment System macerates sewage and uses electrically charged saltwater to kill bacteria. Install a Lectra San system to eliminate the need for holding tanks on boats operating in dishcarge zones.

After neutralizing bacteria, treated waste water turns back into salt water, with no unnatural or harmful chemicals entering the environment. Raritan designed the treatment tank to force bactericide and bacteria into direct contact, effectively killing viruses and bacteria.

The Lectra/San can be installed with one or two marine toilets to form a complete sanitation system. Pressing the push to flush touch pad activates the treatment cycle. The toilets can be interfaced with the LST/MC to provide one touch toilet flushing and treatment activation.

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Raritan Lectra San MC Highlights

  • Microprocessor control (MC) monitors conditions inside the treatment unit and automatically informs users of changes in water conditions.
  • One-step activation with toilet switch or LST/MC touch pad automatically activates toilet and treatment system.
  • Light sequence on the Control Indicator Panel indicates system functions and changes in salt and voltage conditions.
  • Coated electrodes use salt water to kill bacteria and viruses without adding harmful chemicals to the sea.
  • Discharges with treatment levels that are safe for environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Eliminates the need for bulky holding tanks in areas that have not been declared No Discharge Zones by the U.S. EPA.
  • Treats each flush as waste is generated.
  • Can be used with two marine toilets.
  • Can be used with both manual and electric toilets.


BRAND: Raritan
Type: Waste Treatment Systems
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it has manuel flush option


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Raritan Lectra San MC Waste Treatment System



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