Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jacket
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  • Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jacket
  • Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jacket

Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jacket

Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jackets keep your dog safe on the water. These pet life jackets provide sufficient buoyancy and visibility and secure fit without restricting your pet's movement. Mesh underbelly allows water to drain and your dog to dry out.

These pet life jackets are superior in design compared with neoprene PFDs that can lead to heat buildup, heat exhaustion, and uncomfortable skin chafing. Paws Aboard Doggy life jackets have reflective color strips, bright neon colors, and a handle to make grabbing your pet from the water easier. quick and easy grabbing.

Adjustable nylon straps, quick-release buckles, along with a heavy-duty yet more comfortable velcro fastening system around the belly and neck to keep securely fastened.

$22.65 / ea
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Item #  Description  Color 
PAW-1100  Up to 6 lbs  Yellow 
PAW-1200  7 to 15 lbs  Yellow 
PAW-1300  15 to 20 lbs  Yellow 
PAW-1400  20 to 50 lbs  Yellow 
PAW-1500  50 to 90 lbs  Yellow 
PAW-1600  Over 90 lbs  Yellow 
PAW-BP1100  Up to 6 lbs  Blue Polka Dots 
PAW-BP1300  15 to 20 lbs  Blue Polka Dots 
PAW-BP1400  20 to 50 lbs  Blue Polka Dots 
PAW-BP1500  50 to 90 lbs  Blue Polka Dots 
PAW-PP1100  7 to 15 lbs  Pink Polka Dots 
PAW-PP1200  15 to 20 lbs  Pink Polka Dots 
PAW-PP1300  20 to 50 lbs  Pink Polka Dots 
PAW-PP1400  50 to 90 lbs  Pink Polka Dots 
PAW-PP1500  Over 90 lbs  Pink Polka Dots 
PAW-GC1400  20 to 50 lbs  Camoflage 
BRAND: Paws Aboard
Type: Pet Vests
4.2 5

Runs small


If you have a golden retriever try the next size up.


Boston, MA.


Great Value!


I have a boxer and they have a hard time breathing when it gets out out. This vest is breathable which keeps her cool, and it's durable enough to pick her up by the handle on top without an issue (she's 55 pounds). The price is right too!

Capt. Jim

Riverside, RI


Good buy


Another measurement should be body length.


Morro Bay


Would buy again


While takin the pet for a boat ride


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Attention All Dog Lovers


Great for our two small dogs. They love the water and we don't have to worry if they fall overboard.We can reach over and pick them up with the handleon top of the vest. The dogs do not mind wearing the vest because they are not bulky.Great item. Thanks. Capt. of the "Laizzes Les Bon Ton Roullet" TN. Pontoon Boat

Capt. Gil



Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jacket



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