Norcold Ice Box Conversion Unit
Norcold Norcold
  • Norcold Ice Box Conversion Unit

Norcold Ice Box Conversion Unit

The Norcold Ice Box Conversion Unit converts an insulated ice box (up to 6 cubic ft.) into an automatic electric refrigerator. Unit uses a single compressor and evaporator for high efficiency and low operating cost.

Pre-charged copper tubing is included and allows for convenient placement of compressor/power supply away from evaporator plate. Unit also features a power ventilation package to prevent compressor from overheating.

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BRAND: Norcold
Type: Refrigerators and Freezers
3.2 5

lasted just 2 years


used to convert icebox on sailboat. ok for 2 seasons only. too bad because a somewhat different product is twice the cost but early failure makes it not feasible to replace with same unit.






The wiring for the thermostat should be as long as the plumbing. After install had to use some creative skills to stretch the wiring and reroute it.




My last conversion kit lasted 30 years


easy installationquiet runningtakes up very little space

captain mike

Livermore California


I feel this is a good product


I replaced a no longer functioning unit with this one and the installation was very easy. I agree with the other review that the Thermostat control cable is too short to reach inside the box. I mounted it on the lazerette wall and once it was set I have not touched it again. My box will keep ice frozen in a container next to the evaporator and the rest of the box at 35 degrees. I live in the south where temperatures reach 100 degrees, and this unit works very well. I no longer bring an ice chest for drinks, I just leave some in there for my next visit and restock when I get there. Yhis is the only review I have ever written but felt I needed to based on the other review here. For the price you can't beat this product.


Hot Springs Arkansas


Too short cables ruined it for me


I submitted a lengthy review a week or so ago, but it's not appeared. My complaint is that, as shipped, the components must be installed less than four feet from each other, despite the fact that the copper tubing allows you to install the major components up to twelve feet apart. By paying another twenty percent, you can get an extension cable (special ordered) that will extend the range to about eight feet. This did not help in my situation.


Newport News, VA


Norcold Ice Box Conversion Unit



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