Mustang Survival Ocean Commander Immersion Suit
Mustang Survival Mustang Survival Ocean Commander
  • Mustang Survival Ocean Commander Immersion Suit

Mustang Survival Immersion Suit

The Ocean Commander immersion suit from Mustang Survival effectively prolongs survival in cold water. Wear this flexible and comfortable survival suit that is 45% lighter than conventional neoprene suits to survive over 14 hours in 40-degree water. In 50-degree water, survival time can last days.

Boaters sailing in or voyaging to cold water areas should consider an immersion suit for ultimate protection. USCG approved and SOLAS certified.

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  • Hood offers a water-tight fit; face seal gives top protection from water and wind exposure
  • Full length body zipper gives a water-tight seal
  • 5 mm neoprene removable mitts provide warmth and stow in sleeve pockets
  • Non-slip durable rubber soles provide traction on wet surfaces
  • Inflatable head pillow supports the head at an optimum flotation angle and provides additional buoyancy
  • Neoprene wrist seals allows for easy donning and a better seal
  • Storage volume has been reduced by 17% compared to a conventional neoprene suit
  • High-pitched hailing whistle
  • Buddy Line for tethering
  • SOLAS grade reflective tape on shoulders and arms aids in nighttime detection


BRAND: Mustang Survival
Type: Anti-Exposure Suits
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