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MotorGuide Wireless Trolling Motors

These Electric Series Trolling Motors from MotorGuide give the fisherman total freedom of movement thanks to wireless technology. These motors come complete with wireless foot pedal that can be operated from anywhere on the boat, allowing users to give full attention to more important tasks at hand.

The optional handheld remote accessory offers even greater flexibility on pontoon and fishing boats. Up to four remote control devices can be used per motor. Each motor offers 10 percent faster steering advantage, longer battery life, heavy-duty gears, and a stronger shaft. The variable speed control allows users to navigate with pinpoint accuracy, and the quick-release mounting plate makes installation and removal a snap.

Voted Field & Stream’s Best Trolling Motors for 2006

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MOT 970100010  W45 Wireless  12 volt  48 inches  45 lbs. thrust 
MOT 970100030  W54 Wireless  12 volt  54 inches  54 lbs. thrust 
MOT 970100060  W60 Wireless  12 volt  60 inches  60 lbs. thrust 
MOT 970100040  W54 Wireless  24 volt  54 inches  54 lbs. thrust 
MOT 970100050  W60 Wireless  24 volt  60 inches  60 lbs. thrust 
BRAND: MotorGuide
Type: Trolling Motors
1.5 2

Trouble with a CAPITOL T from Tenn.


I am a Fishing guide and I bought the Motorguide wireless steer unit thinking that I could control the boat from the back the middle of the boat or on the front which would give clients more room to fish. Well the motor would cut off for no reason and would steer to where it wanted to so I took the T-motor about 100 miles to a service agent for him to fix (one way). after sitting in his shop for over a year T-motor still does not work and I can not find parts (the receiving unit) between the foot plate and the motor I believe is bad and the foot plate has a bad switch on one side. I should have just stayed with the foot control unit. Motorguide I think needs to work the bugs out of the wireless steer units before going to market. I may have 20hr's on mine and it has not operated right from the get go. I tried something new (wireless steer) and got burnt.


South Pittsburg, Tennessee




Purchase a Motorguide wireless series. Quit working after 2 months. Had to seach for a travel a long ways to an authorized repair shop. Had to register it there because Motorgide still hadn't bothered to. Had to replace foot pedal, and buy another remote control for the next time it fails when needed. Can't get parts for it like part #(8M4000975). I still feel lucky after reading what has happened to some people. Someone needs to go into the trolling motor business that offers customer service.


On the water, Arkansas


MotorGuide Wireless Trolling Motors



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