Seachoice Deluxe Anchors
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Seachoice Deluxe Anchors

The Seachoice Deluxe anchor offers superior holding power compared to its traditionally designed counterparts. Each anchor is galvanized for maximum protection from the elements. Wide reinforced flukes penetrate deeply for unsurpassed holding power. Its angles and crown configuration are specifically engineered to provide superior strength and durability.
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Anchor Size  Stock Width  Fluke Length  Approximate Boat Size  Length 
4 lbs.  14-3/4 inches  9-1/2 inches  12-16 feet  19-14 inches 
8 lbs.  18 inches  11-3/4 inches  17-24 feet  22-1/2 inches 
13 lbs.  21 inches  14-1/2 inches  25-30 feet  27-1/8 inches 
18 lbs.  24-1/4 inches  16-1/2 inches  31-34 feet  30 inches 
22 lbs.  26-3/4 inches  19 inches  35-38 feet  34-3/8 inches 
BRAND: Seachoice
Type: Anchors
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