Seachoice Electric Rope Cutting Gun
Seachoice Seachoice
  • Seachoice Electric Rope Cutting Gun

Seachoice Electric Rope Cutting Gun

The Seachoice Electric Rope Cutter Gun quickly cuts and cauterizes the working end of a synthetic line in one fluid motion. Power requirement is 120V AC at 60 Cycle. The cutter comes with a 5ft power cord. 1.1A, 100W.
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BRAND: Seachoice
Type: Rope Cutter
3.0 1

Functional, inexpensive, casual use.


Relatively inexpensive. Fine for home use. Looks similar, similar wattage to various other cutters. ~10 seconds of trigger activation to reach cutting temperature for Dyneema. Cools down relatively quick. Cutting blade replacements available is a plus. Quick, simple (couple set screws) blade replacement. Adequate length cord. The cord like on most inexpensive electric tools is a bit on the stiff side. 3*s for now. 4*s for casual use if the unit is durable. So far, limited use (~50 cuts). No trigger lock. Probably a good thing to prevent the unit from burning out, but inconvenient. For casual use the price of a "pro" quality cutter is hard to justify. This unit if it is durable should meet the needs for most home, casual users.


Bayview Township


Seachoice Electric Rope Cutting Gun



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