Lewmar Treadmaster Anti-Slip Deck mat Light Gray, Teak, White Sand
Lewmar Treadmaster flooring
  • Lewmar Treadmaster Anti-Slip Deck mat Light Gray, Teak, White Sand
  • Lewmar Treadmaster Anti-Slip Deck mat Gray

Lewmar Treadmaster Non-Skid Deck Covering

Lewmar Treadmaster non-skid deck covering provides additional safety and comfort for boaters. For over 30 years, Treadmaster flooring has been used to create non-skid surfaces on boat decks, stairs, and other areas where wet surfaces make for tricky footing.

Treadmaster marine flooring easily bonds to fiberglass, aluminum, steel and wood decks. Diamond pattern is available in four colors: Light Gray, Teak, White Sand, and Gray, all in 35-1/2 inches X 47-1/2 inches X 1/8 inch sheets. It is easy to trim for custom fit applications and provides protection lasting many years.

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Item Number  Color 
LEW-JWTU008342  Light Gray 
LEW-JWTU008320  Teak 
LEW-JWTU008363  White Sand 
LEW-JWTU008347  Gray 
Additional Features & Info


  • Versatile diamond pattern non-skid used on decks, cockpits, cabin soles, stairs and ladders, personal watercraft, inflatables, etc.
  • Excellent non-slip protection, even when wet
  • Durable construction consisting of ground cork and natural rubber; resists stretching as well as wear and tear
  • Easy to clean, can be used with power washer.
  • Low thermal conductivity aids cabin insulation
  • Resistant to UV rays, sea water, fuel spills, etc.
  • High dimensional stability under extreme conditions prevents warping and peeling
  • Low light reflection helps to reduce glare
  • Easy to fit, simply cut to desired shape and epoxy bond directly to surface
  • Used by the U.S. Coast Guard


BRAND: Lewmar
Type: Anti-Slip Covering
3.7 7

10 years going in full sun - still look great.


This product was installed on the entire deck of a 44 ft offshore blue water sailboat. This boat is an all aluminum cutter. While I agree that this diamond texture pattern is a bit hard on tender feet, one can get quite used to it. On this boat, the sand color was installed, glued down with epoxy. As it is rubber (and not plastic), sunlight seems to have little, if any, deteriorating effect on it. It is easy to keep in good shape with a periodic pressure wash. We sailed the entire Caribbean for 5 years - the boat has been in full sun for about 10 years.

Dutch Sailor

Asheville NC


I will buy this product again.


I used Treadmaster to cover a repaired liferaft compartment top in the cockpit sole. It looks good and added strength to a surface that gets jumped on.




sand white Treadmaster is great


We have a yawl that lives year-round in the Caribbean. Parts of our deck have the sand white treadmaster, (the rest is sand-painted). We moved to the Caribbean from NY 19 years ago -- and some of the treadmaster was installed in the late 1980s and some in the early 90s. So it has survived New York winters and 19 years in the St. John sun. It is still perfect - edges a little more rounded. Still very safe. I was surprised to see someone saying it didn't hold up to UV. In our experience it does. Don't know if the other person was using another color or if the product's manufacturing has changed. We also NEVER use detergents or chemical cleaners -- and that could reduce the life of the treadmaster. We are about to buy some more. It is for safe offshore use - bare feet fine - but would NOT have it everywhere. Don't want to stand on it prolonged in bare feet.

blue sky on st john

st john US Virgin islands


Good use for Treadmaster


Was looking for a material for step treads on cabin entry stairs. Old "coin" material was dated and not that non-slip on my 33" Tiara. Resurfaced the stairs with this material, edged the steps with teak. Looks great, excellent non slip. Full varnished teak steps can be slippery when wet. Cuts easily, installed with epoxy resin. Previous reviews were negative on outside use. This should hold up well in the cabin. Can recommend this product for this use. Only drawback is the size of roll, enough for about 6 steps, and pricey.

Jim in Huron

Huron, Ohio


Treadmaster several cons few pros


I spend loads of money/time to install it. They claim it lasts 30 years (maybe some pieces of it" but it will looks so bad after 10 you will spend the high cost to remove it. This should never be used on anything but off-short commercial/racing vessels. It is too ruff for the ladies to lay on in their bathing suite even with a towel. You will tear up your feet if you try to go bear foot even while at anckor. You will get constant complaint from your friends and you may even have to pay for some damaged designed swimming attire. Regards Windboat42[@]


south florida


Treadmaster lasts 26 years


In 2002 bought a 1980 Dutch motorsailer with Treadmaster factory installed. It covers the entire deck.For the most part it has held up well. As of late some of the sheets need replacing. While not cheap, it does its job well. The traction is superb in very wet conditions. I intend to replace the sheets on a as needed basis and recommend it highly.


New Bern, NC


unhappy with treadmaster durability


I resurfased theentire deck of a 55' ketch approx. 11 years ago with Awlgrip and Treadmaster. Disappointed in the way the Treadmaster has just disintegrated over the years. I must now strip the entire deck and redo the entire thing all over again. Will use additive in the paint this time. Treadmaster looked terrific when completed but did not survive the exposure to UV

Captain bob

Palm Coast Florida


Lewmar Treadmaster Non-Skid Deck Covering



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