Seachoice Cast Iron Mushroom Anchors
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Seachoice Cast Iron Mushroom Anchors

SeaChoice Cast Iron Mushroom Anchors are sized for small boats and personal watercraft. One piece cast iron construction ensures durability, and a heavy gauge black vinyl coating prevents hull damage. A double dipped painted aluminum finish is also available for rust resistance. Mushroom anchors are ideal for sand or mud. 8lb, 10lb, and 15lb anchors are available.
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Model Number  Weight (lb)  Finish  Boat Size (ft) 
SCP-41200  Heavy Gauge Vinyl  10 
SCP-41220  10  Heavy Gauge Vinyl  12 
SCP-41260  15  Heavy Gauge Vinyl  16 
SCP-41280  Double Dipped Painted Aluminum  10 
SCP-41300  10  Double Dipped Painted Aluminum  12 
SCP-41340  15  Double Dipped Painted Aluminum  16 
BRAND: Seachoice
Type: Anchors
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