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Fiberglass Cloth - Triaxial

This triaxial fiberglass cloth is an E-TLX 2200-10 (0, +/-45°) 23.55oz/sq.yd E-Glass made by Vectorply. Triaxial fiberglass combines the benefits of unidirectional and standard +/-45 biaxial fiberglass. The fiber tows run in perpendicular angles to add strength and reduce both torsional and longitudinal flexion and strain. The weave is retained by a thin polyester stitching which holds the tows in place without affecting structural integrity.

Triaxial Fiberglass impregnates easily and is ideal for large glassing jobs focusing on strengthening a surface while adding minimal weight. Experience excellent results when used during wet lay-up, vacuum bagging, or infusion molding.

This cloth is sold by the yard or roll (106 yds) and is 50" wide.

$16.51 / yd
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*Please specify if continuous lengths are required. This is usually the standard for all of our composites, however when reaching the end of a roll, orders may be completed in multiple lengths to total the ordered quantity.
Ultimate Stress  E-TLX 2200 Resin Infused  E-TLX 2200 Open Mold 
Longitudinal Tensile  73.0 KSI  53.0 KSI 
Longitudinal Compression  73.0 KSI  53.0 KSI 
Transverse Tensile  19.0 KSI  14.0 KSI 
Transverse Compression  19.0 KSI  14.0 KSI 
In-Plane Shear  29.0 KSI  21.0 KSI 
Longitudinal Flexion  92.0 KSI  67.0 KSI 
Transverse Flexion  19.0 KSI  14.0 KSI 


  • Resin infused laminate made with vinyl ester resin 200 cps viscosity @ 77 degrees F
  • Open mold laminate made with polyester resin
  • All Standard reinforcements should be infused with a flow aid or Vectorfusion reinforcements.


BRAND: Vectorply
Type: Fiberglass Cloth
Weave: Triaxial
5.0 5

Thick and strong. Take your time.


Very strong and thick fiberglass. Only needed one layer. Was a little difficult to work with because of its thickness. However, I am confident in its strength. After initial laying, there is a deep woven pattern that fills easily with filler and thickener. This fabric was applied to 1/4 inch (old) plywood hull with multiple repairs. A thinner glass fabric would be adequate for other applications, but I like how this turned out with only one layer on this refurbish job. I used a lot of epoxy. JD has been uniformly excellent for mail order.




Worked great!


Replace transom on 1985 smokercraft boat,had to fill 3/8 inch gap in hull, took 8 layers of 24 oz. fiberglass,1 1/2 gal. Of 105 epoxy. Worked great! Would not buy products any where else. You're staff was friendly and helpful!


South central IN. Lake Monroe


Good news that Jamestown sells small quantities of good glas


Vector is good glass... more direction the better. 0/90/45 is great stuff in epoxy resin. Vacuum bag it down.

Mark Fitz

Rockland Maine

super strong


i used this to install a transom on a Mirage River racer tunnel boat. we have literally beat this boat to death in rough water and have not seen any stress or cracking since the repair. I will defiantly be using this again when I install stringers and transom on my Hydrostream Vector.

mike m



Great product great price


For the price this is an amazing product. I used it for building skis and it was easy to work with and very stiff when cured. I also loved how wide it came, and how few meters I needed to order to get the amount I needed.

Pablo the goat

Boulder, CO


Fiberglass Cloth - Triaxial



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