Fiberglass Cloth - Triaxial Weave
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Fiberglass Cloth - Triaxial

This triaxial fiberglass cloth is an E-TLX 2200-10 (0, +/-45°) 23.55oz/sq.yd E-Glass made by Vectorply. Triaxial fiberglass combines the benefits of unidirectional and standard +/-45 biaxial fiberglass. The fiber tows run in perpendicular angles to add strength and reduce both torsional and longitudinal flexion and strain. The weave is retained by a thin polyester stitching which holds the tows in place without affecting structural integrity.

Triaxial Fiberglass impregnates easily and is ideal for large glassing jobs focusing on strengthening a surface while adding minimal weight. Experience excellent results when used during wet lay-up, vacuum bagging, or infusion molding.

This cloth is sold by the yard or roll (106 yds) and is 50" wide.

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*Please specify if continuous lengths are required. This is usually the standard for all of our composites, however when reaching the end of a roll, orders may be completed in multiple lengths to total the ordered quantity.
Ultimate Stress  E-TLX 2200 Resin Infused  E-TLX 2200 Open Mold 
Longitudinal Tensile  73.0 KSI  53.0 KSI 
Longitudinal Compression  73.0 KSI  53.0 KSI 
Transverse Tensile  19.0 KSI  14.0 KSI 
Transverse Compression  19.0 KSI  14.0 KSI 
In-Plane Shear  29.0 KSI  21.0 KSI 
Longitudinal Flexion  92.0 KSI  67.0 KSI 
Transverse Flexion  19.0 KSI  14.0 KSI 


  • Resin infused laminate made with vinyl ester resin 200 cps viscosity @ 77 degrees F
  • Open mold laminate made with polyester resin
  • All Standard reinforcements should be infused with a flow aid or Vectorfusion reinforcements.


BRAND: Vectorply
Weave: Triaxial
5.0 4

Fiberglass Cloth - Triaxial



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