Sea-Hawk Gel Coat
Sea Hawk Sea Hawk marine paint
  • Sea-Hawk Gel Coat

Sea Hawk Gel Coat

Sea-Hawk Gel Coat features excellent weather resistance, resistance to water blistering, prolonged hull-life expectancy, and a great look. It can be used to patch, re-gel coat, or repair.

Chemical resistant Isophthalic NPG gel coat meets the rigid requirements of a variety of applications including boating, transportation, and sanitation. Recommended application thickness is between 16-20 mils to allow for considerable water sanding, compounding and repolishing.

Each quart and gallon of Gel Coat includes a tube of wax additive and MEKP catalyst, except for Snow White Gel Coat #8115 quart and gallon, which include MEKP catalyst only.

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Features & Benefits

  • Premium marine grade gelcoat
  • Ready to use, easy to spray, sag resistant
  • High gloss retention
  • Excellent weatherability and chemical resistance
  • Resistance to water blistering

Product Information

  • Sizes: Quart, Gallon
  • Finish/Sheen: Gloss
  • Shipping Weight: 9-11 Lbs/Gal (Depending on color)
  • Flash Point: 82-88°F
  • VOC: 35-42%
  • Typical Film Thickness: 18 millimeters (+/- 2 millimeters)
  • Catalyst Level (MEKP): 1.2% minimum - 3.0% maximum
  • Gel Time at 1.8% MEKP Catalyst at 77°F: 10-17 minutes
  • Theoretical Coverage: Approximately 48-52 Sq. Ft./Gal. at typical film thickness
  • Storage: Avoid prolonged exposure at temperatures above 85°F and exposure to direct sunlight. Increased storage temperatures will negatively effect shelf life. Store in a cool place.
  • Shelf Life: 120 days when stored under cool, dry conditions.
  • Application Method: This product may be applied by airless and conventional spray, solvent resistant rollers and brushes for small areas only.


Dry Times & Overcoating Intervals       
Substrate Temperature  Overcoating  Sand/Compound  Maximum 
73°F (23°C)  2 hours  12 hours  Not Critical 
95°F (35°C)  1 hour  6 hours  Not Critical 
BRAND: Sea Hawk
Type: Gelcoats
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Got the wrong stuff!


The gel coat was fine. Great stuff. Exactly what I needed. It didn't, however, show up on the first try. I got some gray paint that was supposed to go to a poor guy in Kentucky. Maybe he got my gel coat, I don't know. What I do know, though, is that when I called JD and informed them of my sadness, they told me to keep the paint and fired off another quart of gel coat post haste. It's here now and I'm eager to use it.

Barnacle Bill

Silverdale, Washinton


Directions not good


The product was supposed to be a quart I only got 24oz not 32oz not happy abou that. Other products I have purchased in the past (HI bond) would tell you add .5 oz of hardner based on ideal temperatures. They took the math out of it. When you are using 16oz at a time it can make complicated. I like hi bond much better in this department. If hi bond came in different colors I would have bought it.


Atlanta ga


Sea Hawk Gel Coat



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