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Caviness CAVPRO KPC Kayak Paddle

The Caviness CAVPRO KPC is one of the most innovative synthetic kayak paddles on the market today. The paddle is extremely strong and lightweight due to an ovalized carbon fiber shaft. Rubberized tubing at the normal hand positions helps increase comfortability and ease of use.

The Caviness KPC features a multi-position take-down ferrule to grant better control. It can be set at 60° left, 60° right, or inline. A "no-grit" connecting ferrule maintains a tight fit while utilizing grooves that prevent any build up of sand or other debris.

Asymmetrical high-impact plastic spoon blades complete the CAVPRO KPC, along with drip rings that come pre-installed. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.

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Item #  Color  Length (cm) 
CAV-KPC220CM-B  Black  220 
CAV-KPC220CM-NO  Orange  220 
CAV-KPC220CM-W  White  220 
CAV-KPC220CM-Y  Yellow  220 
CAV-KPC230CM-B  Black  230 
CAV-KPC230CM-NO  Orange  230 
CAV-KPC230CM-W  White  230 
CAV-KPC230CM-Y  Yellow  230 
CAV-KPC240CM-B  Black  240 
CAV-KPC240CM-NO  Orange  240 
CAV-KPC240CM-W  White  240 
CAV-KPC240CM-Y  Yellow  240 
BRAND: Caviness
Material: Carbon Fiber
Type: Paddles
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