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Preval vGrip Universal Handle

Preval's vGrip Universal Handle is designed to snap onto Preval Sprayer units and act as both a gun handle and ergonomic trigger. The handle makes using any aerosol spray can much more comfortable and safe while improving the users control.

The vGrip can be operated even with bulky work gloves on, but is already designed to keep fingers away from the chemicals or solvents being sprayed. A smooth-pull trigger grants greater accuracy and consistency to spray flow. Trigger pressure is evenly distributed, further minimizing any chance of accidents.

Constructed in the USA from recycled plastics, the handle is built for long term use.

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BRAND: Preval
Type: Paint Sprayers
5.0 1

Verycomfortablet to use.


Eliminates "Finger Fatigue" from pushing the spray valve. Very comfortable grip. I used it to finish a violin.


Warwick, RI


Preval vGrip Universal Handle



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