Mercury 2-4-C Marine Lube With Teflon
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  • Mercury 2-4-C Marine Lube With Teflon
  • Mercury 2-4-C Marine Lube With Cartridge Gun 91-74057K5
  • Mercury 2-4-C Lube Replacement Cartridges 92-802861A1

Mercury 2-4-C Marine Lube With Teflon

Mercury Marine 2-4-C Marine Lube with PTFE (best known as Teflon) is a high-quality OEM, multi-purpose lubricant that withstands extreme friction and adds water resistance. Not designed to be used on needle bearings or other internal engine parts. 2-4-C Lube is a lithium based NLGI 2 grease.

Available in a variety of sizes including 8oz reuseable tubes or 14oz cartridges for use with any standard grease gun. Mercury Marine also offers a kit complete with a spring-loaded pump-action dispensing gun, one 3oz 2-4-C Grease cartridge, and a flexible hose. Replacement 3oz cartridges are sold in packs of 3.

Will not void manufacturer's warranty.

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Mercury 2-4-C Marine Lube with PTFE Equipment Applications:

  • Steering Systems / Cable Linkages
  • Throttle / Shift Cables & Linkages
  • Remote Controls
  • Prop Shafts
  • Swivel Pins
  • Tilt Lock Mechanisms / Tilt Tube
  • Hinge Pins
  • Boat Trailer Wheel Bearings


Part Number  Description 
92-802859A1  8 oz Reusable Tube 
92-802863Q1  14 oz Cartridge - Quicksilver Branded
For Use with Any Standard Grease Gun 
91-74057K5  Kit: Spring-Loaded Pump-Action Gun
(1) 3 oz Cartridge
Flexible Hose 
92-802861A1  3-Pack of 3 oz Cartridges
For Use with Dispensing Gun Included in Kit 91-74057K5 
BRAND: Mercury
Type: Grease
5.0 1

The best I could find


I wanted a grease that would reduce friction as compared to the grease I had been using. The clean nature of the grease is very nice and a big reduction in mess as compared to the black stuff I had been using. I soon realized there was less friction in the cables and steering. The small size of the gun makes it easier to use and store. What could be better than Mercury grease made for a Mercury outboard?


Houston, TX


Mercury 2-4-C Marine Lube With Teflon



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