Epifanes Bilge Paint
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  • Epifanes Bilge Paint

Epifanes Bilge Paint

Epifanes Bilge Paint is a modified alkyd resin based protective paint specifically designed for use where a tough paint system is required. This paint will withstand the abuses associated with bilge spaces, engine rooms, chain lockers and other wet areas when used with the correct primer system.

Epifanes Bilge Paint can be applied over fiberglass, steel, wood and aluminum with one-component primer systems. Apply via brush, roller or spray. It is available in a 750ml size in both white and grey.

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  • Brush Thinner: Epifanes Brushthinner for Paint & Varnish.
  • Spray Thinner: Epifanes Spraythinner for Paint & Varnish.
  • Recoatability: After 24 hours at 65°F/18°C.
  • Coverage: 750 ml is sufficient for 35-50 sq. ft./ 3-5m² @ 1.5 mil film thickness.


BRAND: Epifanes
Type: Bilge Paint
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