Epifanes Dutch Mahogany Stain
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Epifanes Dutch Mahogany Stain

Epifanes Dutch Mahogany Stain is specifically designed to penetrate bare mahogany and other marine woods. This quick drying stain renders a warm, rich red/brown mahogany color. Depending on desired finished look, a maximum of 3 coats can be applied on bare wood. Additional coats will continue to darken the color of the stain. Dutch Mahogany Stain is recoatable with all Epifanes one-component and two-component varnishes.
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Application: Wood: for interior and exterior use on new and existing (mahogany) woodwork above the waterline. It is possible to mix Epifanes Mahogany Stain (10% maximum) with Epifanes one and two part varnish creating a lightly tinted finish for camouflaging color differences in an existing system. Shake well prior to use.

Thinner: Do not thin.

Recoatability: After 2 hours at 65°F/18°C.

Coverage: 500ml is sufficient for 45-75 sq. ft./4-7m2 depending on surface.

BRAND: Epifanes
Type: Wood Stain
4.8 4

I'm now spoiled


It melted the glue on my foam brushes but had an old China bristle brush to use. Color is rich and perfect for the mahogany transom.


Marstons Mills, MA


Classic Mahogany Stain


I restored a teak companionway ladder. Stripped, sanded, stained, and then 9 coats of Total Boat Halcyon varnish. Came out great. Would definitely use it again.

Mr. Clancy

North Shore, MA




It provides good color that is even and takes varnish well




great product but never recieved from JD


order stain. waited three weeks. called JD weeily and each time I was told the product was due in today. Finally cancelled order and got product from SMS in twoo days. I've bought stuff from you guys for years. What's happen to your service? Dean


Baltimore MD


Epifanes Dutch Mahogany Stain



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