TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy Gallon Kit
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  • TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy Gallon Kit
  • TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy Gallon Kit In Use
  • TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy Gallon Kit In Use

TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy Kits

TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy is a low-viscosity wood rot restoration and repair solution that seals deeper & cures stronger than industry-leading penetrating epoxies. It has no VOCs, no odor & is 100% waterproof once cured.

This 2:1 system is ideal for restoring rotten or damaged wood, or sealing new wood for lasting protection against humidity, salt, mold & mildew. It works by gluing cellulose (wood) fibers back together, sealing a bare, porous wood surface from the inside out. Double the penetrating power by mixing acetone with the epoxy resin solution in equal volume. Easy to apply by brush, roller, or inject via syringe. Surfaces may be painted or varnished after light sanding.

Choose from Traditional (65-90 F) or Cold Weather (40-65 F) formulas in Pint, Quart, 1/2 Gallon & Gallon kits. Bonus: Kit includes 2 stir sticks, and 2 paint pots.

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Cleanup is easy. Wear latex gloves, wash off with soap and water. No solvents required.

APPLICATION NOTE: The wood must be bare and unfinished. Also, TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy will not penetrate and level well when applied over some stains. Always test an area first. DO NOT USE on top of Minwax oil-based stains.

TotalBoat Cold Weather Penetrating Epoxy is perfect for use during the colder seasons. Compared to our traditional TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy, our Cold Weather formula offers similar performance characteristics, but cures completely and reliably in cooler temperatures. Its tack-free properties also allow you to sand sooner.

WARNING: TotalBoat Cold Weather Penetrating Epoxy should not be used as a fast-cure epoxy in warmer temperature conditions because doing so can be unsafe and result in premature exotherm, brittleness, and improper curing.

Application Temperature Ranges:

  • Traditional formula - 65-90°F
  • Cold Weather formula - 40-65°F

Use For:

  • Sealing open wood pores
  • Glues wood fibers back together
  • Fungi & mildew protection
  • Rotten wood restoration

Traditional Formula and Cold Weather Formula Kit Volumes: Total Mix Ratio

  • Pint Kit: total mix ratio 1.5 Pints (1 pint resin, 1/2 pint hardener)
  • Quart Kit: total mix ratio 1.5 Quarts (1 quart resin, 1 pint hardener)
  • Half-Gallon Kit: total mix ratio .75 Gallons (1 half gallon resin, 1 quart hardener)
  • Gallon Kit: total mix ratio 1.5 Gallons (1 gallon resin, 1/2 gallon hardener)


Resin Density at 75°F, lbs/gal  9.3  ASTM D1475 
Hardener Density at 75°F, lbs/gal  8.0  ASTM D1475 
Resin Viscosity at 75°F, cP  100  ASTM D2196 
Hardener Viscosity at 75°F, cP  20  ASTM D2196 
Mix Ratio by Weight  100A:44B  Calculated 
Mix Ratio by Volume  2A:1B  Calculated 
Initial Mixed Viscosity at 75°F, cP  50  ASTM D2196 
Gel Time at 75°F, 150 gram mass, min  45-50  ASTM D2471 
Tack Free Time at 75°F, hrs  36-48  Calculated 
Application Temperature Range  65-90°F  -- 
Resin Density at 70°F, lbs/gal  9.5  ASTM D1475 
Hardener Density at 70°F, lbs/gal  8.9  ASTM D1475 
Resin Viscosity at 70°F, cP  360  ASTM D2196 
Hardener Viscosity at 70°F, cP  270  ASTM D2196 
Mix Ratio by Volume  2A to 1B  Calculated 
Mix Ratio by Weight  100A to 47B  Calculated 
Initial Mixed Viscosity at 70°F, cP  300  ASTM D2196 
Pot Life at 70"F, 150 gram mass, minutes  10-15  ASTM D2471 
Tack-Free Time at 70°F, hours  4-6  -- 
Full Cure at 70°F, days  -- 
Pot Life at 40°F, minutes  40-50  ASTM D2471 
Tack-Free Time at 40°F, hours  16-24  -- 
Full Cure at 40°F, days  -- 
Application Temperature Range  40-65°F (do not use above 70°F)  -- 
BRAND: TotalBoat
Material: Epoxy
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Wood Sealer
Usage: Woodrot
4.5 140

Covered well, but melted mixing pots


The epoxy went on relatively easy, and when it dried it created a nice smooth finish. However, during application, it pulled the stain out of our wood and made it look blotchy in parts. Could be our fault for using the wrong kind of stain - I'm not sure. Also, the epoxy solution would heat up so much after about 15 minutes, we had to put the mixing pot on the ground because it was too hot to hold. At that point, we watched as the epoxy melted straight through the sides of the pot. Seems fairly dangerous to not have a warning on there. I could have easily burned myself quite badly, had I made the assumption that the pots provided with the epoxy would not melt from the epoxy....

Troy from FL





easy to use. Just make sure you mix it well for at least two minutes.


Mamaroneck, NY


This product was one of the best sealer I could purchased


I used it to seal a new floor I put in my bass boat. I would say that care is needed when using this product. Instructions should be clearer as to the danger of it's use.Recommend that you tell people to use it immediately (lol), see video.


Lincoln, Alabama


Yes i would reorder this product


The product performed as expected. I will reorder when needed.

Captain Bill

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


I would buy this again


I used it to coat the new wood for my transom. I also used it in the assembly it is ridiculously strong when it is all sandwiched together.


Windber PA

Satisfactory Product.


Replacing some wood in the bottom of the boat and used the penetrating epoxy with good results. Application was made somewhat easier with slight thinning with Acetone.


Lebanon Missouri.


Great Product!


This is the second time I've used Total Boat Penetrating Epoxy and will be the second time to give it 5 Stars. The pontoon is now covered with it. The first time it was the plywood transom, the second is the new marine plywood deck, top, bottom and edges.I highly recommend the product!

Poor Rich



Worked perfect at 90 degrees F.


I bought 2- 1 quart units to repair the floor in the bedroom slideout in my fifth wheel trailer. It was about 2 square feet of rotted pressboard, where at some time there was a water leak. The penetrating epoxy worked perfect, penetrating the wood and filling all the gaps. The only problem was that I didn't order enough. It penetrated so well that I ended up about 1 unit short to complete the project. I finished it off with some MAS low vis epoxy that I had and 4 layers of fiberglass cloth. I would have finished it with penetrating epoxy, but the delivery time, due to ground shipping didn't allow that.


Cape Coral, Fl


Perfect product for rotten wood


I've used this product on an 1850s buckboard wagon that is used as a landscaping feature on our property. This old wagon is fairly distressed with wear and rot over time. The penetrating epoxy fortifies and seals the rotten wood allowing me to put potted plants on it. The wagon can now survive the daily watering of the plants without being completely destroyed. When cured, the epoxy leaves a glossy sheen, which is a slight drawback, but, it's a very small price to pay for the product's performance.

Ted the Landscaper

East Greenbush, New York


Magic for wood repair and rejuvenation


I used this on some 35 year old teak trim. The trim has some cracks that were glued back together. Then the entire surface was coated with the brush on epoxy. The result was a beautiful smooth finish. The strength and the beauty of the teak was restored to perfection.

Mike A



TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy Kits



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