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WaveFront TillerClutch

The WaveFront TillerClutch is a patented, simple and effective tiller steering accessory. The TillerClutch allows you quickly and simply "lash the helm". An easy to use lever clicks on and off allowing for rapid steering adjustments.

If you often sail alone or short-handed- the convenience of the TillerClutch will be easy to appreciate. It is designed for virtually all tiller steered craft: dinghys, trailerables, cruisers, keelboats and more.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Kit Includes

  • (1) TillerClutch
  • (2) Mounting screws
  • (1) 12' or 16' length of Sta-Set 3/16" rope depending on the model
  • Instructions
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Holds course while you do quick tasks, (reefing, trimming sails, tacking, anchoring, etc.),
  • Made with marine-grade metals for an elegant, durable design
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Compact, Safe and Durable
  • Made in the USA
  • Mounts under the tiller right beneath your steering hand
  • Specialized rope clutch engages a small control line for maximum efficiency and safety
  • Clean on/off lever operation; no knobs to turn, no friction to fight
  • Enables quick and effortless steering corrections


BRAND: WaveFront
Type: Tiller Extensions and Accessories
4.8 5

Great device for small sailboat


Works well and is of high quality




Tiller Clutch


I love this little gizmo. Hope it holds up to a lot of use.

Mychel from the pirate ship Daisy.



Best convenience item I've purchased


Installed my new Tiller Clutch about a month ago and it's now my new best friend. At first I balked at the price since it was basically double the cost of the Tiller Tamer but as soon as I pulled it out of the box I could see why. The shell is made from ~1/8" extruded aluminum box section. The trigger is solid aluminum and clicks effortlessly in and out of clutch mode and because engaging the clutch is so easy it's simple to make small adjustments and get your rudder trim just right. If my next boat doesn't have one it'll be the first purchase. You'll need a couple places to mount the line ends. I used a small 1/4" clam cleat on one side for easy line tensioning or fast removal.

Corsair 24

Rhode Island


Well-Made and great delivery


This tiller clutch is very well made and easy to install. Very easy to flick into locked or un-locked position.I use it very frequently on my dinghy sail boat.


Lowell, Michigan




This product is easy to install and use. It is compact and fits nicely under the forward end of the tiller. The line frayed quickly. There are two recommended anchoring recommendations for the line. On the stern and on the gunwales. I tried the stern first. The line has to make a tight bend through the clutch, hence the fraying. The gunwale attachment seems to me to be the best option for both use and performance. I sail singlehanded and use this clutch continuously. It does what it is advertised to do.

Ace Cook

Washington State


WaveFront TillerClutch



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