TotalBoat Milled Glass Fiber 1 Quart
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  • TotalBoat Milled Glass Fiber 1 Quart
  • TotalBoat Milled Glass Fiber 5 Quarts

TotalBoat Milled Glass Fiber

TotalBoat Milled Glass Fiber is a finely ground fiberglass that can be added to structural filleting putty, epoxy/hardener systems, and polyester resins to improve tensile strength and increase the strength of a lay up. You may add some Silica Thickener to the strengthened resin to prevent sagging and draining.

Thoroughly mix the amount of resin/hardener needed. Add the MILLED GLASS FIBER, your fiber filler, as needed to obtain the thickness you desire and mix well. The Silica Thickener may then be added. Stir ALWAYS from the bottom to the top.

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BRAND: TotalBoat
Type: Fillers
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