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TotalBoat Gleam 2.0 Spar Varnish

TotalBoat Gleam marine spar varnish features a premium tung oil formula, with a phenolic resin base and added UV inhibitors. It's ideally suited for clear coating on interior and exterior surfaces requiring maximum water & UV resistance.

New Gleam version 2.0 has improved overcoating & cure times, yields medium build per coat, with excellent flow-out, leaving a smooth, durable surface. It can be scuffed and overcoated faster than before to build gloss, as needed. Use xylene as a thinner only when spraying. For brushing, thin with TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100.

Available in high-gloss and satin finishes that are weather resistant and easy to work with over new wood and previously coated surfaces.

Bonus: With any kit order, receive 2 paint pots, 2 stir sticks, 2 foam brushes, 2 paint strainers, and a pair of latex gloves FREE (a $10 value).

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Introducing new Gleam 2.0! We've reformulated Gleam Satin and High-Gloss varnishes in response to customer reviews to make these formulas better than ever. They still have the same excellent self-leveling properties, and velvety, low-sheen or high-gloss finishes, but now Gleam 2.0 has improved overcoating and cure times so you can finish varnishing faster.

And the Satin varnish provides the same excellent level of UV protection as the Gloss varnish, so it's ideal on exterior as well as interior surfaces.

Gleam 2.0 Gloss and Satin formulas are available in individual Pint, Quart Kit, 2-Quart Kit, and Gallon Kit sizes.

Our New Combo Kit Creates a Satin Finish with Greater Clarity

You told us you love Gleam's velvety satin finish, but want better clarity. So we've put together a combo kit containing 1 quart of TotalBoat Gleam 2.0 Gloss Varnish and 1 quart of Gleam 2.0 Satin Varnish that lets you build gloss coats to protect and showcase the wood grain, then finish with a couple of coats of satin to get the smooth, beautiful, non-gloss finish you desire. For the gloss/satin combo kit, select TB-GLEAMCOMBO-K from the product list.

An Easier, Faster Way to Apply Sealer Coats

Bare wood, especially plywood, is very porous and needs to be sealed before applying build and finish coats of varnish. If not, the initial coats of varnish soak into the wood, requiring more varnish (and more money) to apply enough build coats until the surface is uniformly level enough for the final coat of varnish. With unsealed oily woods like teak and mahogany, the varnish's viscosity will not allow it to penetrate the wood grain and adhere properly, which will eventually cause it to lift and ruin the finish—and all your hard work.

For this reason, the first few sealer coats of varnish are typically thinned in order to penetrate and seal the wood. These sealer coats take time to apply, time to dry, and must be sanded between coats. Now there's an improved way to apply sealer coats.

Introducing TotalBoat Wood Sealer, it's easier and faster than using unthinned varnish for sealer coats. It seals bare wood grain and smooths the surface on all types of wood, doesn't require sanding between coats, and dries more quickly than thinned varnish. And unlike other wood sealers, it contains UV blockers that protect your beautiful varnish finish down to the wood surface. TotalBoat Wood Sealer is clear, so it enhances the beauty of the wood grain and the varnish finish. TotalBoat Wood Sealer (sold separately) is compatible with 1-part varnish, and is ideal for use with TotalBoat Gleam 2.0 and TotalBoat Lust varnish finishes. Refer to the Gleam 2.0 Tech Data sheet for details on using TotalBoat Woods Sealer with Gleam 2.0.

Item Number  Size  Finish 
TB-3509  Pint  Gloss 
TB-GLEAMGQ-K  Quart Kit  Gloss 
TB-GLEAMKIT-G-K  2-Quart Kit  Gloss 
TB-GLEAMGG-K  Gallon Kit  Gloss 
TB-3510  Pint  Satin 
TB-GLEAMSQ-K  Quart Kit  Satin 
TB-GLEAMKIT-S-K  2-Quart Kit  Satin 
TB-GLEAMSG-K  Gallon Kit  Satin 
TB-GLEAMCOMBO-K  2-Quart Combo Kit (1 Qt. Gloss & 1 Qt. Satin)  Satin 

Recommended Thinning for Brush/Roller Application

  • First Coat: 10% TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100; 90% Gleam varnish
  • Second Coat: 5% TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100; 95% Gleam varnish
  • Third Coat: Do not thin - 100% Gleam varnish


BRAND: TotalBoat
Type: Varnishes
4.5 37

This is a great product


Gleam varnish is top notch, flows well, adheres well, looks great when finished


Traverse city MI




Ease of application


Cape Cod


I would buy again


looks good


Los Angeles


Very thin; excellent self-levelling


This product is almost watery -- the opposite end of the scale from Epifanes, for instance. That made it really easy to apply -- it levels itself beautifully -- but only on horizontal surfaces. for vertical surfaces, it has to go on VERY thin to prevent runs -- almost dry-brush. I used Jen foam brushes, and it worked exceptionally well. A small warning: I applied it over a different varnish on one piece, and the last coat of that previous varnish (from about 36 hours earlier) went on a bit thick in some places, and apparently wasn't quite dry under the surface. The Gleam went on beautifully, but about 10 minutes later the softened varnish beneath it was puckering, and I'll need to sand and redo a last coat or two. It was my own fault, of course, but I wouldn't want someone else to make the same mistake.




Preforms as described


Two coats in one day. In MI in early May that is a real bonus!


Richland, MI


Used for Classic Truck Bed


I was very satisfied with the results and overall ease of use. I did use three coats of the wood sealer and three coats of Gleam followed by light sanding and two more coats of Gleam. Now comes the proof of longevity for my application. One observation is that the published coverage per quart was too small and I over bought by a factor of two. Balance of products; thinner, Badger brush, and kit contents were great.


Spring, Tx


Good product and egual to top name brands for less money.


Will Use again.


Rhode Island


I will be keeping this item in stock always.


I used this product for a finish on my rustic decor since a customer wanted to hang it outside. Though it would be slightly covered, I wanted to find a product that would keep it safe.

The Dust In My Shop

Niskayuna NewYork


Disappointing characteristics and finishing


I really wanted this to be the perfect varnish for finishing cedar-strip canoes, but it has failed me in two respects.First, the viscosity, even un-thinned, is so low that to coat non-horizontal surfaces (picture a canoe hull) requires an extremely thin coat to avoid runs and sags.Second, let's factor in the drying time, which is very fast (I was working at around 60 degrees F). On a large surface, applying a very thin coat, it is near impossible to maintain a wet edge. Some part of the applied varnish is always going off before returning to it, rendering blending and feathering impossible, resulting in a less than perfect finish.On a flat surface, where a thicker layer is possible, I have had much better results: it levels well and gives a good, clear, lustrous finish. But I believe this varnish is intended for boat use, which often involves large and sloping surfaces. For that I cannot recommend it. Maybe I had a rogue batch, but I'm disinclined to try another, and will return to Captain's Z-Spar which, whilst more expensive, has never let me down.


Addison, VT


good stuff


Still in the can waiting weather




TotalBoat Gleam 2.0 Spar Varnish



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