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TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Paint

TotalTread is a ready-mixed, slip-resistant polyurethane non-skid deck paint with unique Propyltex™ wax texturing agents. The rounded shape of Propyltex™ waxes provides optimum gloss control and is less abrasive compared to silica texturing agents found in most non-skid deck paints or additives.

Apply TotalTread by brush or roller. You will love the grippy, but not abrasive, high-traction surface. Apply a second coat for even more grip. Available in Quart and Gallon sizes in 3 colors: Sand Beige, Kingston Gray, and White. These colors match our TotalBoat Wet Edge Topside paint colors.

Free quick-start kit included with each order: Contains (2 ea) paint pots, (2 ea) stir sticks, (1 pr) latex gloves.

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Most non-skid deck paints rely on a 'sand' silica additive to provide grip. While they are certainly effective at providing secure footing, they have a few drawbacks: Scrub your deck too hard and the additive can become visible, leaving unsightly dark specks. The shape of traditional additives doesn't bond well with the paint, and the finish doesn't last all that long.

Our TotalTread is formulated to address these issues. Instead of a hard irregular shaped silica grit agent, TotalTread's wax rubber spheres are shock absorbing to give the finish some elasticity. The paint sticks better, and the finish looks better longer. It's easier to clean and won't wear away from scrubbing. And, because it's still a 1 part finish, it's easy to apply.


TotalBoat TotalTread should be applied in thin coats. 1-2 thin coats are recommended, for best results.
Thinning (Brush/Roll Application)  Can be thinned 5-10% with TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100, if needed. 
Thinning (Spray Application)  Thin with xylene, typically 15-20%. Thinning percentage varies by sprayer type and conditions. 
Cleanup  TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100 or TotalBoat Dewaxer & Surface Prep 
Primers  TotalBoat Topside Primer, TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer (Metals), TotalBoat TotalProtect (Fiberglass/Metals), TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Barrier Coat (Metals) 
Application Temperature  50-90°F 
Application Humidity  0-90% 
Recommended Number of Coats  1-2 thin coats. 
Coverage  250-300 Sq. ft. per gallon 
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including titanium dioxide and ethylbenzene, known to the State of California to cause cancer, as well as chemicals, including ethanol, known to the State of California to cause developmental toxicity. For more information, go to

BRAND: TotalBoat
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Anti-Slip Covering
4.6 70

2 gallons new marine ply deck 8x20ft 4mo ply grain opened up


used 2gallons just as specified in normal weather february 4months later the grain opened up so I have bought 1 more gallon to saved new 8x20 ft deck


fort myers fl


Great paint


Great coverage and non skid distribution.




Great Product


I used this product on an older (1981) deck. A coat of primer and 2 coats of this has been fantastic. I used a roller with a 3/8" nap and it rolled out nice. Be sure to mask anything you might errantly over roll as it is very sticky (a good thing). Seems to clean very easily, bugs wash right up. The product seems to attract rain on the weekends as it has rained every Saturday since I applied it.

jim the runner

St Clair Shores MI


Excellent product and Promp Service


I applied Total Tread Deck Paint to all of the exterior under foot surfaces on our 45' Chris Craft. The sand color provides a great looking contrast with excellent traction. We even removed the carpet from the sundeck and applied Total Tread. This is the best one part deck paint I have ever used, it is easy to use and adheres well. Just remember prep is key for any paint to adhere properly. This stuff is really tuff, I am not talking about barefoot tough. We keep 3 Dobermans onboard and they run and play constantly and the floor still looks great. Like most non skid surfaces it requires the use of a brush to clean really well.




Not impressed with coverage


We applied this product with an all-paints foam roller on a thoroughly cleaned boat deck with a older, still intact rubberized non-skid coating. Based on the website info, I expected at least one full coat. A quart of this product only covered 15' x 6', and still had lots of pinholes in it when dried. The color is aLight grey, not as dark as the web page indicated. It dried overnight and looks just ok. Not really impressed.


Longview WA


Easy to use


As in all paint jobs prep work is the key... actual painting was very easy, love how the abrasive is suspended in the product, has great tread uniformity. Overall very pleased with the results.




Great product


Application was very easy and the non-skid component has upgraded my boat.

Bobby G

Pensacola FL




I used this paint for a large ramp going into my boat house/house boat. It feels good on bare feet, looks clean, and it is beading water nicely.




Paint that sticks so you don't slip!


Great product to apply. Six inch sponge roller worked out excellent on deck and cockpit areas. Use 1" blue painters tape to aid in defining application area.Thanks, Dave Milwaukee Harbor

Skipper " Rebecca "

Milwaukee Harbor


Awesome product


Excellent easy to use


Orange, ca

TotalTread Non-Skid Paint



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