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TotalBoat Teak Oil

TotalBoat Teak Oil penetrates deeply to preserve, seal, and protect the natural color and beauty of your wood. It can be used for interior or exterior applications and will not cause discoloration. Great for hardwoods and softwoods, including teak and mahogany.

To apply, simply brush or wipe on with a clean rag. Allow 20-30 minutes for the oil to penetrate and then wipe off excess.

Bonus: Free with every quart: 1 foam brush & 1 mixing pot!

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Use and Application: Two coats may be applied, allow eight to twelve hours drying time between coats. Scuff-sand between each coat to ensure adhesion. Clean up afterward with mineral spirits.

Tips for Success: If your teak is gray or faded, clean and brighten it before using TotalBoat Teak Oil. Our 2-part TotalBoat Teak Cleaner is easy to use, with great results!

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including silica crystalline, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

BRAND: TotalBoat
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Teak Oil
3.8 6

The only Total Boat product that I would NOT use again


The results are like Cretol. must sand to get off. Stick to Star Brite. If I could make a negative star rating I would!!!


New York


Nice appearance, less work, more sailing


For years I used Schooner Varnish on most wood surfaces. It looked great, but all varnishes are work. I started using Total Boat Wood Finish where I wanted a glossy finish. I was very happy with the ease of application and the resulting appearance, but a lot of wood trim doesn't need to be glossy to look nice. I tried Total Boat Teak Oil on high use areas and areas where gloss wasn't essential. It was very easy to apply and will be easy to maintain over time and it enhanced the wood grain appearance. I like a good looking boat, but prefer to use my boat more than working on it. I will continue to use Total Boat Teak Oil.

Capt. Jim

Wenatchee, WA


Teak oil


Applied this product and I jlhave used many brands of teak oil and this product is by far the best I have tried. Would highly recommend




Great Teak Oil


Used this product of Antique restorations, very effective at preserving patina of the wood.




Just applied it, and not sure how long it will hold up


Instructions on the teak oil can says to topcoat with Danish Teak Sealer, but review of the sealer product doesn't mention applying over Teak Oil. In fact, the Sealer video shows it being applied over a newly sanded wood surface. Come to find out the Oil and Sealer are similar products.


Charlotte, NC

Great for Outdoor Patio Furniture


Worked great on our outdoor teak patio furniture. Rainwater just beads up on the wood and the color still hasn't faded yet. A small amount went a long way.This teak furniture was expensive, so it was worth the time to take care of the set even if it means re-oiling every so often. Looks great.


Berkeley, CA


TotalBoat Teak Oil



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