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Mercury Marine Quickare Fuel Treatment

Mercury Marine Quickare Fuel Treatment is part one of a three step system that maximizes engine performance by preventing a variety of common fuel system problems. Quickare is suited for both 2-cycle and 4-cycle gasoline engines and can be used with all grades of gasoline, including ethanol blends.

Recommended for use at every fill-up to assist fuel oxidation and breakdown. Removes existing varnish and gum deposits from fuel lines, tanks, injectors, spark plugs, intake valves and carburetors. Controls corrosion and moisture issues commonly associated with non-ethanol fuel, as well as phase separation commonly found with ethanol blends.

One ounce (1oz) treats 10 gallons. Fuel remains 'fresh' between fill-ups for up to 3 months. Look for the following two steps to Mercury's fuel treatment system as well: Quickleen and Quickstor.

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Mercury Quickare Uses:

  • Assist Fuel Oxidation & Breakdown
  • Remove Existing Gum & Varnish Deposits
  • Control Corrosion & Moisture When Using Non-Ethanol Fuel
  • Control Phase Separation When Using Ethanol Blended Fuel

Mercury Quickare Specifics:

  • Part One of Mercury's Three Step System: Quickare, Quickleen, Quikstor
  • Compatible with All Grades of Gasoline Including Ethanol Blends
  • Use at Every Fill-Up
  • Safe for 2-Cycle & 4-Cycle Gasoline Engines
  • Safe for Catalyzed Engines
  • Treated Fuel Retains Freshness for 3 Months
  • 1oz Treats 10 Gallons of Fuel


BRAND: Mercury
Fuel: Gasoline
Strokes: 2- & 4-Stroke
Type: Fuel Additives
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