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Awlgrip Awlwood MA Clear Gloss

Awlgrip Awlwood MA is a complete exterior clear system that allows the natural color and grain of wood to shine through. It is comprised of a primer (clear, red or yellow) and a clear gloss finish.

When Awlwood primer and finish are combined, the synergistic effect yields outstanding results. Flex-Link technology locks the primer on to the wood structure, including tropical hardwoods, for superior flexibility and damage resistance.

The system breeds extended life for the wood while retaining the same gloss, DOI and natural appearance as when you first applied it.

Available in Gloss or Matte finish. It's recommended that you build up with Gloss, then if a satin finish is desired, apply one coat of Matte Finish.

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Part #  Description  Size  VOC (Mixed & Unreduced)  Reducers 
AWL-J3809Q  Clear Primer  Quart  500 g/L (4.17 lb/gal)  Brush: T0201
Spray: T0202 
AWL-J7809Q  Red Primer  Quart  500 g/L (4.17 lb/gal)  Brush: T0201
Spray: T0202 
AWL-J9809Q  Yellow Primer  Quart  500 g/L (4.17 lb/gal)  Brush: T0201
Spray: T0202 
AWL-J3890Q  Gloss Finish  Quart  490 g/L (4.01 lb/gal)  Brush: T0201
Spray: T0202 
AWL-J3890G  Gloss Finish  Gallon  490 g/L (4.01 lb/gal)  Brush: T0201
Spray: T0202 
AWL-J3810Q  Satin Finish  Quart  742 g/L (6.19 lb/gal)  Brush: T0201
Spray: T0202 
AWL-J3810G  Satin Finish  Gallon  742 g/L (6.19 lb/gal)  Brush: T0201
Spray: T0202 

Awlgrip claims their Flex-Link molecular technology has created most durable marine wood finish available. It can be applied by brush, roller, or spray and over (properly prepped and sanded) existing urethane finishes. The clear high-build finish component allows multiple coats per day in a wider range of temperatures. Fully cured Awlwood finishes are highly scratch resistant, and may be wet sanded and polished to a high gloss.

Awlwood MA Exterior Clears System Features & Benefits

  • Reduced Working Time System - High building, fast curing formulation allows multiple applications per day.
  • Excellent Application Properties - Applicable over a wide temperature and humidity range using a variety of methods.
  • Outstanding Performance - System remains highly flexible throughout its lifetime allowing natural substrate movement whilst giving excelling toughness and abrasion resistance.
  • True System Performance: - Primer and finish give a synergistic effect resulting in extended performance that retains the same gloss, DOI and natural appearance as the first application.
  • Incorporates Flex-Link Technology - Unique chemistry that ensures excellent substrate and intercoat adhesion yet allows the system to flex with the woods giving unrivaled damage resistance.

Awlwood Primer:

  • Formulated to deeply penetrate the grain/wood, even in tropical hardwoods, and thus give longer lasting color stability and improved system adhesion.
  • Flex-Link polymer technology ensures the primer has a chemical affinity for the wood and locks directly onto the wood structure.
  • Flex-Link polymer technology gives superior flexibility and unrivaled resistance to delamination at damage points.
  • Penetrates deep into the wood grain allowing the natural color and grain of the wood to shine through.
  • Contains high performance colorants that impregnate the wood structure to mimic the tonings of the natural wood colorants.
  • As the natural color of the wood fades due to white light, colorants take over and retain their initial color leaving the wood with a rich appearnce.
  • Recommended coats: 1

Awlwood Finish:

  • Features an inherently non-yellowing polymer further stabilised with high performance UV absorbers giving long term clarity of film and excellent gloss and DOI retention.
  • Elastomeric nature of the cured film results in excellent toughness and abrasion resistance giving amazing in-service performance.
  • When combined with Awlwood MA Primers gives outstanding performance extending re-coat cycle times.
  • Recommended coats of Gloss Finish: 8
  • Awlgrip Satin (Matte) should be applied over a fully built system of Awlwood Gloss finish as the final coat only.


BRAND: Awlgrip
Type: Varnishes
4.5 6

The best finish I have used in 30 yrs


I redid my whole 44 ft boat with this and it went great


VA - Virginia




Covering teak on sailboat

Lazy Dog



Great and durable, will never use varnish again


I have an old Friendship Sloop with spruce spars, teak cockpit, teak rails, and lots of teak trim. I used this as a test 5 years ago on the lazarette hatches which are horizontal, exposed to the sun, and get stepped on regularly -- net, they look brand new. I have now done all spars, cockpit, and most of trim, as well as wood interior with this product, gradually replacing all varnish If you have spruce, use clear primer, as colored primers will blotch. After three gloss coats, sand with 220 to smooth, then add 10% of yellow primer to gloss for three coats, sand, and apply two more coats, then sand with 320 or 400, and apply last coat of gloss thinned 10% with brush reducer. Use gloss first as you do not want to sand into colored coats much. Sanding is only to smooth surface, coats chemically bond. Apply fairly quickly, rotate spars every few minutes for half an hour to avoid sags. Don't try to clean brushes, throw away. Best timing I found is primer in pm, then gloss next am after 18 hours, then gloss pm, then gloss next am, wait 24 hours, sand, start with gloss coats again (goes on smoother over prior coat that has had time to cure a bit more than min time to recoat). Read instructions well.


Cape Cod, MA


Awlwood on cabin sole


Looks great! I used this on all my cabin sole.

S/V Mona Lisa

Boca Raton, Florida




Seem to be a good product. Time will tell as to how it holds up.


South Florida


First impressions of Awlwood MA system


Don'ts:Use alcohol in prepping -poisons the materialUse oxalic acid to bleach the wood -poisons the materialApply under very low humid conditions-will impede dry times i.e. never dryUse good quality brushes -brushes can not be cleaned and will be 'throw-away'Use any containers that are solvent sensitive -if in doubt use tall glass or tall metal containers. wide flat containers will shorten pot life.Don't "worry" material by continual brush strokes, apply and tip offDo's:Apply only on stripped bare teak, mahogany etc. Rag on primer, one cannot get even application w a brush of any type. I used a sock on three fingers over a nitrile gloveTape tightly to teak for prime coat and retape with small border beyond teak for gloss coats, otherwise primer color is visible on gelcoat Yellow primer typical for Teak, red for Mahogany. Primer really adds contrast and wood grain contrast.Read product datasheets carefully and followGreat:Depth of Image (DOI) is amazingWas able to do six complete coats in two days on hot humid days on the Chesapeake. Sanding after prime and coat three. Clear gloss is clear! with no hue or tint thus tinted primer gives hueUsed foam brushes "not for use for w shellac and lacquer" they swelled after 20 min. and I just tossed it and used another. Ideally one should use solvent resistant foam brushes.If this product becomes known, the pro varnish 'gurus' commanding big money should be very worried. See photo of morning dew on Awlwood after day 1 (three coats)Very tolerant of changing environmental conditions. Post cure the material is very stretchy so believe that with primer it will really stick to scarf joints and not fail from wood side due to expansion.


Deale Md.


Awlgrip Awlwood MA Clear Gloss



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