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TotalBoat Seal Elastomeric Marine Sealant

TotalBoat Seal is a fast-curing elastomeric marine sealant that adheres tenaciously to fiberglass, wood, metal, glass, Starboard & vinyl. It creates a highly elastic waterproof seal ideal for bedding hardware, windshields, and portholes, as well as flush & overlapping joints. Once cured, Seal is paintable and sandable.

Seal is highly UV stable and will not sag on vertical surfaces. It boasts superior properties over most leading sealants including strength, adhesion, elongation, and shelf life. For use above and below the waterline. Do not use on wood deck seams.

Available in White only. Choose from a 3 oz. tube, 10 oz. cartridge, or 6-pack of 10 oz. cartridges. Cartridges fit standard 290ml caulk guns.

Important: TotalBoat Seal is designed for bedding and sealing, and does not have the strength properties of bonding adhesives.

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Item Number  Description  Color 
TB-SEALWHT3OZ  3 oz. tube  White 
TB-SEALWHT  10 oz. cartridge  White 
TB-SEALWHT6  Six 10 oz. cartridges  White 
Technical Specifications   
For Use on these Surfaces  Fiberglass, metal, wood, vinyl, glass, and StarBoard 
Non-conductive?  Yes. Suitable for use on electrical connections. 
Is Priming Necessary?  No 
Suitable for Use on Teak Deck Seams?  No. Do not use on teak deck seams. 
Application Temperature  40-104°F 
Full Cure  1-7 days, depending on temperature and joint depth. 
Cleanup  Mineral spirits 
Shelf Life  3 years from date printed on tube 

Additional Features & Information:

  • Highly UV stable
  • Seals ports, beds hardware, and stops leaks
  • Elastomeric sealant can be wet sanded and painted after curing
  • Cures in temperatures from -20°F to +120°F
  • Twists, bends, expands, compresses
  • Non-sagging and non-staining



Surface must be clean, dry, and free from any dust, grease, oil, rust, or dirt. Use a hand or pneumatic caulking gun. Cut tip and puncture seal. Priming is not necessary. Skins in minutes. Make sure sealant is completely cured before painting.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including toluene, which is known to the State of California to cause reproductive toxicity. For more information, go to

Be sure to read all safety information on the label and in the SDS (safety data sheet) before using this product. Ensure adequate ventilation, especially in confined areas. Eyes: Wear safety glasses with side shields (or goggles). Avoid contact with eyes. Skin: Wear protective gloves. Use in a well-ventilated area. When using, do not eat, drink or smoke. Wash hands thoroughly after handling the material. Routinely wash work clothing and protective equipment to remove contaminant. Keep out of reach of children!

Below Water Line (yes/no): Yes
BRAND: TotalBoat
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Adhesive Sealant
Usage: Bonding
4.3 35

probably would not use again


takes a long time to cure if the sealant is not exposed to air, when bedding and sealing screws after two weeks it is still not cured.


naples fl


Same product, less waist.


Originally I used this product to seal window frames on my house, then I used it when installing deck hardware on my sailboat. It does an excellent job of beding the hardware and assuring no water intrusion into the deck core. My most recent order was for the smaller tubes, so I have much less wastage when there is several months between usage.

Capt Jim

Wenatchee, WA


Very Good


I have been using life caulk and life seal products for years, my most recent project was changing multiple through hulls below the water line,The price of boat life has left me looking for an alternative,so I read the reviews on the total boat sealant and gave it a shot.As with my other experiences with this brand I was not disappointed, the product behaved just as life seal,cleaned up easily and did what it was applied To do..If i was to make one comment and by no means negative but i find total boat as with life seal skims very quickly,still cleans up well but you got no time to dilly dally if you want a really clean edge without bathing in a solvent...overall i will be using this product moving foward,,cant beat the price and so far the performance is what i was hoping for...


Long Island NY


nice product at a good price.


After deck repainting all deck hardware was rebedded with the Total Seal.


Hatboro, PA


Great product - seals very nicely


I have used this product in a bunch of locations on my Pearson 26. I used it for fixing the leaks in the windows, on the keel-hull joint and when mounting hardware. Before my windows leaked like no tomorrow. I removed them and used SEAL before putting them back in. No more leaks!


Jamestown, RI


Great for sealing things


This is exactly what I wanted to seal up things on the top of my Class A motorhome. Very sticky and very flexible


Syracuse, NY


I have bought it again


I like the product in that it applies very smoothly. It takes a while to cure. I don't have any way to compare it to 5200 or 4200 or boat life though. It's a bargain on a price basis if it works and lasts as well as boatlife.


Tennessee River


This is a quality durable sealer


I sealed two access ports In a 470




Very misleading. Picture is wrong for the default size.


What arrived was a squeeze tube. What is pictured is a cartridge for a caulking gun. Bait and switch.


Prennsauken, NJ


Love this sealer!


I have used many tubes off SEAL and will keep using all over the boat and in the bathroom at home! Great stuff!


Torres del Paine, Chile.


TotalBoat Seal Elastomeric Marine Sealant



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