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TotalBoat TotalFair Epoxy Fairing Compound

TotalBoat TotalFair is a lightweight two-component epoxy putty used for fairing, filling, shaping, and repair. Its simple 1 to 1 mix ratio by volume changes to a green color when the individual blue and yellow components are mixed properly. TotalFair has excellent sag resistance on vertical or inclined surfaces and is easy to sand when cured. At 80°F, TotalFair is sandable in just 3 hours.

Provides excellent moisture resistance and can be used above or below the waterline on a variety of substrates; including fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP), aluminum, steel, and wood.


2-PINT KIT: includes one pint Part A & one pint Part B.

2-QUART KIT: includes one quart Part A & one quart Part B.

GALLON KIT: includes half-gallon Part A & half-gallon Part B.

Each kit includes 1 pair of large latex gloves and 1 plastic spreader.

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TotalFair Epoxy Fairing Compound Features & Benefits

  • Easy to mix, easy to apply.
  • Simple 1:1 resin to hardener mix ratio.
  • Works on multiple substrates, including FRP, wood, aluminum, & steel.
  • No sagging on inclined, vertical, or overhead surfaces.
  • Sandable in just 3 hours, at 80°F.
  • Very easy to sand flush with the surface.
  • Excellent moisture resistance.
  • For use above and below the waterline.



Gelcoat should not be applied directly over TotalFair or the gelcoat will not cure properly. Instead, apply TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer or TotalBoat TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat Primer over TotalFair, before applying Gelcoat. Primers are sold separately.

Additional Application Notes

  • When filling holes or gouges: Filling holes up to 3/4" thick may need a second pass, once cured. When fairing a large gouge (maximum depth fill), a 6:1 width to depth ratio is recommended per application. For deep/narrow areas that exceed 6:1, just apply TotalFair in stages, building up each time.
  • Do not apply TotalFair over 1-component previously painted surfaces. If you are not sure what the previous coating is, remove it before applying TotalFair.
  • If TotalFair crystallizes, simply close the containers completely and set them in a sealed plastic bag, with no air. Place the bag in a bowl of warm water (130-140 degrees F) for a couple of hours. This action will undo the crystallization, and the product will be the proper consistency for use.
  • When storing TotalFair for more than 1 month, cover the remaining material in each container with plastic sheeting before securing the lid tightly.
Resin Color  Yellow  Visual 
Hardener Color  Blue  Visual 
Resin Density, lbs/gal  7.0  ASTM D1475 
Hardener Density, lbs/gal  6.4  ASTM D1475 
Mix Ratio by Weight  100A:90B  Calculated 
Mix Ratio by Volume  1A:1B  Calculated 
Work Life at 70 degrees F  30 minutes  ASTM D2471 
Tack Free Time at 70 degrees F  2 hours   
Tensile Strength  1,350 psi   
Elongation  5.3%   
Compressive Strength  2,130 psi   
Sag Resistance, inches  > 1.0   
Application Temperature   50-100 degrees F   


For your safety, wear protective gloves when mixing TotalFair, and wear a proper respirator when sanding cured TotalFair.
BRAND: TotalBoat
Material: Epoxy
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Fairing Compounds
4.7 61

I would buy this product again.


Using this product on a 38' Lewis Bros. Carolina boat. Easy to work with.




Excellent quality and consistency - a little tough to handle


The final cured product works great. Easy to shape and sand, and appears to stay slightly flexible. Larger voids need to be filled with multiple coats if on a vertical surface. Despite my best efforts to be neat with the product, it is somewhat difficult to get it out of the tubs in the correct ratio and not get it everywhere. It would be a 5 start product if it came in a caulking tube!

Wood butcher

New Hampshire


Great Stuff!


Fast set, strong, easy to sand.


Alexandria, VA


Amazing Difference


This was my first time trying TotalFair Epoxy and I couldn't be more pleased. Mixing extremely easy, spreading painless and biggest, best, most wonderful of all, NO pinholes to back track and fill!


Fairfax, VA


tough to mix but great build-up


As has been commented before, this product is a little "Dry" upon initial mixing. But as you continue to mix, the consistence gets much smoother. Applying the fairing compound requires a stiff blade - the plastic spreaders were too flimsy.I applied the compound in a 40 - 45 degree garage. Working time was more than sufficient and the compound cured in a day. Used a wood rasp and 80 grit paper to shape the compound as it feathered nicely. Currently working on rebuilding the nose of the runabout, which has taken quite a few "Bangs" against the dock. This has required two applications of fairing compound. We'll see if the product holds up.

Paul R

Red Bank, NJ


Works Well


I used the product to cover over and smooth out irregularities in epoxy joints in a drift boat. After two days, as described in the instructions, sanding is more difficult but it does sand smooth. I used a scraper to even it out before sanding on flat surfaces. I used a convex metal cabinet scraper to even out the curved areas of the joints. All in all, using the TotalFair eliminate a lot of difficult sanding time.


Livingston MT


easy to work with I would use this product again.


This product made fairing out my custom dodger a breeze. easy to apply, plenty of working time and easy to sand.

Scott, SV Phoenix

North Carolina


Every time


Complete refit of a 77 Island Trader. I can't imagine a better fairing compound. The blue and green colors provide a perfect mixture. When cured, sanding is a dream.


Columbus ohio


GREAT product and awesome service from JD


Mixes up perfectly. Very easy to use.


Hopatcong NJ


This is great stuff!


I've used this compound for about 2 years now and find it's the easiest to use. Easy to mix(1 to 1), sticks well, dries quick, easy to sand and paint. While other fairing compounds are sometimes hard to get the mixing ratio right, this one makes it simple. With ample time to work with, it cures fast so you don't have to wait to the next day to sand. Price wise it's competitive considering the time you'll save by not waiting to the next day for it to harder. Would recommend this to anyone considering the other junk that's out there!

Capt Joe

Houston, Texas


TotalFair Epoxy Fairing Compound



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