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TotalBoat TotalBuff Rubbing Compound

TotalBoat TotalBuff Rubbing Compound is a fast-cut marine polish that is ideal for removing stubborn oxidation and restoring your hull's original color. This liquid polishing compound is designed to remove 600/800 wet sanding scratches from gelcoat and previously painted surfaces.

TotalBuff is the first step in a three-step buffing system, and should be applied using a polisher and wool pad. Follow up with a coat of TotalBoat TotalShine for maximum gloss and an outstanding finish. For superior protection and longevity, a final coat of TotalBoat Premium Boat Wax is recommended.

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At Jamestown, many boaters ask us what we recommend when it comes to buffing. We take our cues from the experienced boatyards that shared with us their multi-step system. Once you see the results for yourself, we are sure you will agree.

First off, let it be noted that these compounds are essentially liquid abrasives that are used to lightly sand or polish your hull. For more faded or "oxidized" hulls, pay close attention to the compounding step in order to restore the hull's original color.

Step 1: Compounding
For faded topsides, we recommend starting with TotalBuff Rubbing Compound. It works towards bringing back the hull's original color and revitalizing that ugly faded look. Apply with a polisher and a pad.

Step 2: Finishing
The next step is to follow up with an application of TotalShine Finishing Compound using a polisher and pad. TotalShine will grant a glossy, bright finish, as well as remove any micro scratches and swirl marks.

Step 3: Waxing
The final step is to protect the newly polished finish with a wax like TotalBoat Premium Boat Wax. It's important to seal and protect the finish with a good wax to maintain that glossy look. Any buff cloth or pad to hand apply the wax will suffice.

BRAND: TotalBoat
Type: Rubbing Compounds
4.8 15

Total Buff works great!


I buffed our clear coat 1200 RPM...mirror shine!


Santa Maria


Good Product


Good product, however, it didn't stand out above other that I have used in the past.


Coastal N Carolina


I Will buy this again


I have used another polishing compound for years with no complaints on my 1990 Carver but saw this being used in a You Tube vid it looked easy to use I wasn't disappointed it brought out a deep shine with little effort I will be using this again.

Oscoda 27

Oscoda Mi.


The invisible man suddenly appeared!


A 2 x 2 dull, oxidized, zero reflection section of my hull after about 7 minutes had a guy who looked a lot like me holding a high speed buffer in the reflection, WOW! Super easy to work with and performs just as described. This was my first experience with a high speed buffer and Totalbuff made me look like a pro boat detailer. I skipped the polish step and went straight to wax, I'm cheap, but I couldn't imagine how much the polish step might have improved the overall bling! Maybe next time.


Charleston, SC


Works great


Brings back the shine of a new boat!


Long Beach Ca


Does a nice job


I would buy this product again


Bohemia NY


I will buy this again


I have just used this product for the first time and works extremely well. It is easy to apply and using it with my random orbital buffer produces a perfect finish. After using the buffing compound I applied a coat of 3M marine paste wax and the surface looked like new.

Joe K

Central Indiana


Works well


Nice product that works well but unexpectedly long delivery time according to customer service, because of supplier back order.


Ft Campbell Ky




This product was able to renew the finish on my 22 year old boat. It looks almost new.

Corsair Owner

Oriental NC


Excellent product


I used this on an older Sea Ray with a blotchy hull. Excellent product. It restored finish like new without very much trouble. A quart did both sides of a 40' boat with some to spare.


Narr RI


TotalBoat TotalBuff Rubbing Compound



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