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TotalBoat N95 Disposable Respirators

Totalboat 9510 disposable respirators are NIOSH* N95 approved. These dust masks provide comfortable, reliable protection against dust and other contaminants frequently encountered in workshop and job site environments. They are ideal for sanding, sawing, grinding, sweeping, and working with insulation.

*National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Sold in boxes of 20 masks. Compare and save!

Also available in deluxe version with exhaust valve. The exhaust valve minimizes fogging of protective eyewear. Consider this version for hot weather or in work environments where goggles or safety glasses are used. Deluxe version sold in boxes of 10.

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  • Adjustable noseclip helps provide a custom fit and secure seal
  • Soft cushioning nose foam seals and is comfortable
  • The 9510 mask is for ideal dusty work settings or long periods of wear
  • Dual elastic straps positively secures mask to face
  • Functionally equivalent to 3M 8210 dust mask
  • Economical alternative to many competitve N95 respirators

Recommended Uses

  • Sanding: wood, fiberglass, drywall, painted surfaces, non-toxic nuisance dust
  • Sawing: wood, fiberglass, drywall, non-toxic nuisance dust
  • Grinding: wood, fiberglass, non-toxic nuisance dust
  • Sweeping: wood, fiberglass, non-toxic nuisance dust
  • Insulation: fiberglass fibers and dust


A respirator is only effective if it is worn during all times of exposure. Therefore it is critically important that each mask is comfortable to wear and conformable to each user's face. All TotalBoat dust masks are designed to easily adjust to the wearer's face and provide dependable respiratory protection.

Disposable respirators are most effective when there is a good seal between the respirator and the user's face. To obtain a good seal, always follow the fitting instructions provided with each respirator.

A quality respirator is an essential part of an overall worker safety program. In addition, safety eyeware and hearing protection should always be made available to limit the possibility of worker discomfort and injury.

BRAND: TotalBoat
Respirator: Disposal Facepieces
Type: Respirators
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Been using 3m 8210 for years these are as good at half the price


New York


Comfortable, functional, and inexpensive


There is a lot of dust in our manufacturing processes and our people like the comfort and functionality of the respirators more than the comparable 3M products, and as a purchasing agent, I am finding the pricing here cheaper than Amazon and better than the 3M!!


Salt Lake City, UT


Suitable for my needs


inexpensive and suitable for my needs.




Great Product-Many uses


These are a step above the basic one use, throw-away masks. Hold their shape and don't get soggy with exhalation.

Bozeman Dave

Bozeman, MT


Great value


Excellent value respirators




Will buy again






I AM buying this product again


I have been refinishing boat engine hatches with belt and disk sanders and creating a great deal of fiberglass dust. With these masks and goggles I feel well protected. It is easy to breath using them, they are comfortable and I forget the mask is on. I have used the ones with valves and they are even better, but for most applications of sanding wood, plastic, fiberglass, resin or paint they are relatively inexpensive and quite effective.


Montross, Va.


A workshop must and a good deal


I build furniture for fun. N95 dust masks are simply a must for me. My last build was a 7 foot dining table built from scratch. You can imagine how much sawing and sanding was involved.They worked just as well as the 'MMM' brand and the several dollars per box savings really adds up. I went through several boxes of these respirators. Next time, I will try the ones with a valve to see if really do breathe easier.

The Sneak

South Kingstown, RI


TotalBoat N95 Disposable Respirators



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