TotalBoat TotalProtect Marine Epoxy Primer Gallon Kit
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  • TotalBoat TotalProtect Marine Epoxy Primer Gallon Kit
  • TotalBoat TotalProtect Marine Epoxy Primer Quart Kit
  • TotalBoat TotalProtect Barrier Coat for fiberglass boats

TotalBoat TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat System

TotalProtect is a universal high-build epoxy primer & barrier coat. Use above and below the waterline to prevent & repair gelcoat blistering. It eliminates the possibility of water absorption & migration, the major cause of fiberglass hull blisters.

TotalProtect is also an excellent anticorrosive primer for all underwater metals including aluminum, steel, lead, cast iron, stainless & bronze & is compatible with all antifouling paints. This 2-part 3:1 ratio system is easy to mix, dries quickly & requires no sanding.

Available in Quart & Gallon kits in White and Gray colors.

Bonus: Each Gallon order includes a free paint roller frame, 3/8-in. nap solvent-safe roller cover, metal tray, stir stick, paint suit, 2-in. chip brush, and roll 1-in. painter's tape. Each Quart order includes: free stir stick, and 2-in. chip brush.

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Note: Do not use TotalProtect over 1-part paints.

TotalProtect Features

  • Universal epoxy primer & barrier coat for above and below the waterline
  • Prevents and repairs gelcoat blistering issues on fiberglass boats
  • Eliminates water absorption
  • Excellent for corrosion prevention on all underwater metals
  • Easy to apply by brushing, rolling, or spraying
  • Fast drying
  • May be thinned up 10% with TotalBoat Epoxy Primer Thinner 200
  • Durable, flexible epoxy barrier
  • Comparable to other high-build marine epoxy barrier coat products

Specifications & Instructions

  • Quart Size Kit Includes: 3/4 quart base component & 1/2 pint activator (makes 1 quart of mixed product). Note: Containers will not come filled completely.
  • Gallon Size Kit Includes 3/4 gallon base component & 1 quart of activator. Note: Base container will not be completely filled so you can pour the activator into it and mix.
  • Color: Gray or White
  • Finish: Matte
  • Number of Components: 2
  • Coverage: 225 sq. ft. (at 7 mils wet, not accounting for waste)
  • Application Method: Brush, solvent-safe roller, or spray (airless, conventional, or HVLP)
  • Recommended Number of Coats: 2-3 (minimum). It's more important to ensure 8-12 mils dry film thickness than focus on a certain number of coats. Based on application thickness, more than 3 c
  • Recoat Time (TP over TP): 3-48 hours @ 75°F
  • Overcoat Time (Antifoulant over TP): 5-7 hours @ 75°F
  • Note: Sand with 80 grit and recoat if you miss these windows
  • Induction Period: Allow a 15-minute induction period before reduction and application
  • Reducing: Reduce up to 10% with TotalBoat Epoxy Primer Thinner 200
  • Cleanup: TotalBoat Epoxy Primer Thinner 200 or TotalBoat Dewaxer & Surface Prep
  • Application Temperature: 50°F to 90°F (0-85% RH)



Wear protective gloves, clothing protection, eye/face protection, and a proper respirator when applying or sanding TotalBoat TotalProtect.
Below Water Line (yes/no): Yes
BRAND: TotalBoat
Material: Epoxy
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Barrier Coat Primer
4.6 43

Terrible product


I have used many epoxy coating systems. This by far the worst. At what seems a 90 percent solids properties coating, and using the supplied roller left a popcorn ceiling look that was unable to be tipped. Tipping produced clumps or product dragged to the side. Brushing left huge brush marks. Does it build thick, yes. Can you sand it? No. Not well. The can says 8 to 12 coats preferably but that is because you need to sand off 75% of that to get the finish flat enough to paint. Maybe i got an old can that was on the shelf for 10 years, i dont know. But this product i wouldnt use on a doghouse. This is the white barrier coat I am speaking of. The picture shows the pile of pits to fill after much time spent with 40 grit longboarding.


No rights NC


Can not say if I would buy this product.


Ordered barrier paint, some arrived with no note about why, can not do the barrier coat as its layers of gray than white than gray finish with white. White arrived incomplete no gray. Emailed to find out whats happening with order to be told there's a back order of two week. No shipment would have been better than a portion. I could have cancelled order and purchased locally. Now stuck with waiting or paying return shipment.


Wilmington DE


Seems to be a good product


Just put the first three coats of Totalboat TotalProtect on my boat's hull. So far so good. A few things from my experience. I alternated between grey and white and found that the grey was, by far, more difficult to mix than the white. There seem to be are more solids in the grey and it requires much more effort to mix to a uniform consistency. Both seemed to cover at an equivalent rate and my boat (36' full keel sailboat) required a little less than a gallon - I do not know its' wetted surface area. I like the 3:1 mixing ratio and the fact that it is possible to put multiple coats on in a day ( 3 coats in a very long day) with the right weather conditions. I'll put the final two coats on once I get to the yard. Be aware of condensation on a sailboat's ballast, even in under 85% humidity. The four stars are due to inconsistency between colors (makes me wary) and the fact that I don't know how it performs.


Panama City, FL


Good quality product.


Used as part of a barrier coat. Applied easily and gave a silky smooth finish. Very happy.


Jacksonville, FL


I would buy this again if using Gel Coat over Total Fair


Per The Data Sheet provided for Total Fair … It would be necessary to use a " Epoxy Barrier " before applying Gel Coat over Total Fair, I didn't believe it , questioned it, having to buy more materials to complete my transom rebuild, So not wanting any kind of a failure at this point in finishing steps of this transom job I did buy and use the " Total Protect " as prescribed. It was true that it was necessary, I applied the Total Protect to the transom and rolled over to the interior side of the transom a couple inches where I intend to paint. When applying the many coats of Gel Coat I did the same rolling it over to the interior side, and true to their word where I passed the point of no Total Protect with the Gel Coat it did not cure, that area stayed very tacky, didn't set properly. Was able to use Acetone to remove the sticky stuff, no problem. Bottom Line … Do use " Total Protect " over " Total Fair " before using Gel Coat, believe your Data Sheet !

Super Panga

Huntington Beach, CA


Love this product!


You can use it from top to bottom!




Epoxy Barrier Coat System


Re-sealed a kayak after 35 years! Your topside paint followed! A new boat!


Detroit, MI


Great stuff


Works like the big name products at a fraction of the price. Do pay close attention to the window for topcoat... you want only a *hard* fingerpress to leave a fingerprint the least-cured area, else you'll get a little crazing in your topcoat. I topcoated just a bit to soon... a few of my least-cured areas crazed a bit. But since my topcoat was bottom paint, no biggie.


Ontario, NY


Great product


Used this after fiber glassing my rudder back together. Easy to use, easy directions to follow. So far all seems well.




I would buy this product again


used as a primer for interlux performance epoxy. Was a little thin for rolling but able to apply it.



TotalBoat TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat System



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