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  • TotalBoat TotalProtect Marine Epoxy Primer Quart Kit
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  • TotalBoat TotalProtect Barrier Coat for fiberglass boats

TotalBoat TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat System

TotalProtect is a universal high-build epoxy primer and barrier coat. Use it above and below the waterline to prevent and repair gelcoat blistering. Apply TotalProtect to eliminate the possibility of water absorption and migration, the major cause of fiberglass hull blisters.

TotalProtect is also an excellent anti-corrosive substrate primer for all underwater metals. Use it on keels, aluminum, steel, lead, cast iron, stainless, and bronze. This two-part 3:1 ratio barrier coat system is compatible with all antifouling paints. TotalProtect is easy to mix, dries quickly and requires no sanding.

Available in Quart and Gallon kits in White and Gray colors.

Bonus: Each Gallon order includes a free paint roller and tray, stir stick, paint suit, and 1 pair of latex gloves. Each Quart order includes a free stir stick and a pair of latex gloves.

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  • Universal epoxy primer & barrier coat for above and below the waterline
  • Prevents and repairs gelcoat blistering issues on fiberglass boats
  • Eliminates water absorption
  • Excellent for corrosion prevention on all underwater metals
  • Apply by roller or spray
  • Fast drying
  • May be thinned up 10%
  • Durable, flexible epoxy barrier
  • Compare to Interlux Interprotect 2000E, Pettit Protect, and other high-build marine epoxy barrier coatings

Specifications & Instructions

  • Size: Each Quart Kit includes 1 quart base component & ½ pint of activator
  • Size: Each Gallon Kit includes 3/4 gallon base component & 1 quart of activator
  • Color: Gray or White
  • Finish: Matte
  • Vehicle Type: Epoxy Resin
  • Number of Components: 2
  • Coverage: Estimated coverage 2 mils dry thickness per coat is 400 sq per gallon.
  • Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 10 mils, typically 4 to 5 coats
  • Average Dry Time: At 75°F, TotalProtect dries to the touch in about 2 hours.
  • Recoat Time (TP over TP): 3-48 hours @ 75°F
  • Overcoat Time (Antifoulant over TP): 5-7 hours @ 75°F
  • Note: Sand with 80 grit and recoat if you miss these windows
  • Induction Period: Allow a 20-minute induction period before reduction and application
  • Reducing: Reduce up to 10% with TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100
  • Cleanup: TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100 or TotalBoat Dewaxer & Surface Prep
  • Application Temperature: Not for use where air, material, or substrate temperature is below 50°F or above 90°F.
  • Pot Life: 5 hours
  • Note: Do not use over 1-part paints
  • Recommended Brush: Use high quality brush with natural bristles for best results
  • Recommended Roller: Use a 3/8" nap solvent-resistant roller cover
  • Shelf Life: 24 months or more


How To Apply Marine Barrier Coating

Surface Preparation Guidelines:
Bare fiberglass should be thoroughly wiped down with TotalBoat Dewaxer & Surface Prep, followed by sanding with 80-grit sandpaper. Always remove sanding residue and then wipe again with TotalBoat Dewaxer & Surface Prep.

Bare metal should be blasted to a bright appearance. All residue must be removed. Sweep with a clean brush or broom and use an air line and or vacuum. Apply TotalProtect within 1 hour. If this is not possible, sand with emery cloth and wipe down with TotalBoat Dewaxer & Surface Prep before priming.

If applying over TotalProtect, wash with soap and water and let dry. Sand with 80 grit and remove any sanding residue. Wipe with TotalBoat Dewaxer & Surface Prep.

Combine base and activator components in a 3:1 ratio. If you are mixing the entire contents, this means mixing the whole can of activator with the whole can of base.

Below Water Line (yes/no): Yes
BRAND: TotalBoat
Material: Epoxy
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Barrier Coat Primer
4.6 25

White epxoy primer


Order the quart. Opened it and it was half evaporated (1/2 gone). It was a 1/2 quart of thick white paste. Also had problems with the Total Fair product not getting 100% hard and sandable. Beginning to question "Total Boat" products.




Good Stuff


Exactly as advertised. Even pot life, which I usually take with a large grain of salt. For those of you that had trouble mixing it, two words: mud mixer. It made short work of getting the solids off the bottom of the can and fully blended. Works great for stirring bottom paint, too.


Brunswick, Maine


I would definitely use all Total Boat products again.


Easy to mix and apply. Looks great when dry.

Mark T

Sebastian, FL


great product but made this old guy hustle


it went on easy and covered well. I found it superior compared to other products I have used. It is the best value I know off. At 73 I had to hustle pretty hard to get it all coats applied before it dried out in bucket.




Total Boat epoxy primer


The mooring lines were cut on my 1977 Seafarer 23 last fall and the boat ended up about 3 miles away on the rocks causing damage to the keel and rudder. This summer , I stripped all the bottom paint ( 8 layers of Pettit Unipoxy) , sanded with 80 grit paper with an orbital sander , repaired the damage using Total Boat 2 part fairing compound. ( of which I'm very impressed, easily mixed , goes on smooth and easy to sand). After washing , allowing to dry and wiping down with acetone , I mixed and rolled on 3 coats of Total Boat epoxy primer. At about 70 degrees , the port side was dry enough to overcoat by the time the starboard side was done. So I just kept going around the boat until it was done. The primer mixed well , rolled on smooth filling small imperfections. . Waited 3 hours and applied 2 coats of Total Boat Select bottom paint, again very happy with. It covered well and went a long way, only used 1/2 gal. The total paint job took about 10 hours , 2 men and a case of beer. The boat hasn't seen water yet but the select bottom paint gives me 18 months to launch being water activated. So far I'm VERY impressed with all the Total Boat products I've used and with Jamestown Distributers. Free shipping . rollers paint suit ,etc. Its a lot of work , but worth it , My old boat looks new. Thank You. Hopefully the bottom will standup to the elements after a season on the mooring next summer in Lake Champlain. I will write another review.

Miss Behavin

Saranac Lake , New York


Seems to work great once you get it on the hull.


Be sure to have numerous plastic pint/quart containers, roller covers, paint pan liners and brushes because of the short 20 minute working time.


Brookings, Oregon


The epoxy worked great.


follow up with bottom paint. haven't tried to clean yet just put in the water.


Ontario NY


Mast repaint


I recently used TotalPertect Epoxy Barrier Coat and Interlux Perfection to repaint my mast. The mast was previous powder coated and areas were chipping off near base of mast. I took the recommendation from JD and used TotalPertect Epoxy Barrier Coat as a prime coat in the shop with temp set at 70F (live in Northern MN) to get right humidity level. I applied three barrier coats followed with one-week dry/cure time and then sanded with 220 final coat for a smooth finish (look good). Though, the first barrier coat came out rough in that I applied to much paint with a brush (paint look fractured) at one time. Therefore, I had to aggressively (180 grit) sand first coat to get smooth finish without fracture looking surface before applying the next two coats (less is more). I used a roll & tip method but found just using the roller (keeping a wet edge) was best for the brush left to many brush marks causing me go back over with roller. I found brush was to stiff. I went down to local box store and purchase a longer bristle brush for later topcoat use.Two days later, I applied the first top coat (perfection Snow White) at about 0900. Next day, same time, I applied the second top coat within the recoat window as indicated by instructions (6hrs to 2 days recoat without sanding). Initially, like with barrier coat I tried the roll & tip method and quit right off because I was experiencing the same brush mark/fractured look as with barrier coat. I just used roller and use brushed around cleat areas where needed followed up with roller while keeping a wet edge – work great.If I do this over again I will not use TotalPertect Epoxy Barrier Coat as a primer. I would use another two-part epoxy primer. Not because TotalPertect Epoxy Barrier Coat did not work, because it did, I found it was too thick for mast repaint where I only had small areas of bare aluminum and rest was over existing paint to warrant its use. I think tow part epoxy another primer that is not as th

SV Sea Hawk

Northern Minnesota


Excellent Choice


I remain impressed with this product and believe it will perform well. I did mix more than necessary for my small job and would have benefited by knowing a bit more about anticipated coverage. However, the product went on well and dried perfectly. Multiple coats were easily applied using the "thumb print" technique that was suggested. If I am in future need of a good barrier coat this will be my choice.

Windborne Skipper

Lake Ontario


Easy to apply!


Very easy application , 1/2 gallon per coat easily covered my Ericson 25 CB hull, center board and rudder


South Haven Mi


TotalBoat TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat System



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