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  • Repair fiberglass gelcoat surfaces

MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix

MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix lets you make fast DIY repairs to damaged gelcoat surfaces without sanding prep-work, mixing, or harsh fumes. This easy-to-use repair solution provides professional results in seconds.

An innovative one-part formula colors, fills, bonds, and levels chips, scratches, gouges, nicks and drill holes. In addition to boat repair, use 9 Second Chip Fix to mend damage to ceramic surfaces and masonry on showers, bathtubs, sinks, and tiles.

You can even use it on aluminum and plastic, but these surfaces require you to first use MagicEzy Mega Fusion (sold separately) to prime and seal the damaged area.

Sold in .43 fluid ounce (12.9 ml) reusable tubes. Choose from 11 popular boat colors (see color chart on left).

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  • Finish: Matte.
  • Area: Above the waterline. Not to be used on surfaces below the waterline. Suitable for use on horizontal or vertical surfaces.
  • Ideal temperature for use: Do not use below 50 degrees F/10 degrees C.
  • Durability of repairs: Resistant to impact, water, weather, marine growth, and mold. Can be sanded and drilled.
  • Water soluble: Yes. Easy, no-mess, water clean-up.
  • Interior/exterior use: Both.



What you need to succeed: MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix, dish detergent, paper towel or tissue. Optional: hairdryer to expedite drying in cold weather or repairs on vertical surfaces (see repair tips below).

Step 1 - PREPARE:

  • Clean the damaged area with dish soap and water; rinse with clean water.
  • Allow the area to dry fully in the sun or use a hairdryer to expedite drying.
  • For even consistency, rotate the tube between your palms or shake the tube for 30 seconds.

Step 2 - APPLY and LEVEL:

  • For chips, apply a 1/4-inch (6mm) thick layer into the damaged area.
  • For deeper damage, see repair tips below.
  • With a tissue handy, turn the tube around, and, with a light touch, use the patented 'level' end of the tube to smooth the repair, holding the tube at 90 degrees to the repair.

Step 3 - TRIM:

  • Use the tissue to wipe off the 'level'; use the 'level' to trim smears around the repair, taking care not to touch the repair itself.
  • If necessary, use the 'level' to repeat trimming.

Step 4 - LET DRY:

  • Dry times vary, but normal dry time is two hours at 70 degrees F/20 degrees C.
  • Allow to harden overnight; achieve maximum durability and adhesion after 14 days.
Repair tip: hot weather application  Above 90 degrees F/30 degrees C, apply a damp towel over the area until the surface reaches hand temperature. 
Repair tip: blending colors, if needed  After cleaning the damaged area, mix two or more MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix colors on a piece of clear plastic wrap; place near the surface to view the new color. 
Repair tip: fixing damage on vertical surfaces  Apply the product according to directions; after the second leveling, use a hairdryer to blow hot air on the repair for two minutes to form a skin that won't slump. 
Repair tip: fixing deep damage (1/2-inch/12mm)  Apply the product in 1/4-inch layers, letting each layer dry and shrink overnight before reapplying. 
Repair tip: drying in cold weather  Below 60 degrees F/15 degrees C, to set, use a blow dryer for three minutes. 
Repair tip: achieving a gloss finish  Apply the product according to directions; let dry. Add a thin topcoat of MagicEzy Hairline Fix (SOLD SEPARATELY). 
Repair tip: fixing plastic or aluminum surfaces  These surfaces require that you first use MagicEzy Mega Fusion (SOLD SEPARATELY) to prime and seal the damaged area. 
BRAND: MagicEzy
Type: Repair Kits
3.8 5

Not what I expected


I will be returning this product. I am sure it will be good for other applications, but as soon as I saw how watery it was, I capped it and knew it wouldn't work in filling the chips (let's say it wasn't thick enough).


Wakefield, RI


Great epoxy alternative


Very, very easy to use and surprisingly durable. I fixed 2 x 1/2 inch chips on the exterior hull about 3 months ago and they are looking great and seem very strong. Tips: This product is not a fast curing product. took about 48 hours to harden. You will need at least 2 applications to allow for minor shrinkage.




It works as advertised. ezy


worked great to fill screw holes in deck from old hardware. I wish there were more colors available, specifically bright yellow to match the deck color.Be sure to use above 60 degrees fahrenheit and thoroughly mix by "massaging" the tube prior to each use as suggested in the instructions.




works great


filled screw holes on boat. easy to use as long as you follow instructions using in appropriate setting and ambient temperature (more than 60 degrees)




"It's hard to say"


My front lid cover over the storage on the front of the boat got a chip on the edge of about 1/2 inch diameter. I applied magicezy and used a blow dryer to cure it. Then it sat in the sun for hours. It looks OK but the product never hardened up. Looks like a one time shot for me.


New Smyrna Beach, fl.


MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix



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