Quantum 99 Urethane  Accelerator
Quantum Quantum
  • Quantum 99 Urethane  Accelerator

Quantum 99 Urethane Accelerator

Quantum 99 accelerator speeds up dry times for Quantum 99 Polyurethane Topcoat, Quantum99 Clear Coat, and Quantum UV Clear Urethane Varnish. Its built-in pot life extender minimizes its effect on pot life.


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  • Type: Accelerator additive used in Quantum99 Polyurethane Topcoats and QuantumUV Clear Urethane Varnish.
  • Mixing: Do not exceed 1 oz. (30 ML)/mixed gallon or solvent pop and down gloss may result.


The Quantum99 Urethane Accelerator will maintain the 75°F cure profile when added at 5 ML/mixed gallon every 5°F below 75°F. At 75°F, 1 oz (30 ML)/mixed gallon will reduce the Dry to Tape time to 4 hours; the Dry to Touch time to 1 hour.

This product can be used at temperatures up to 100°F, though caution should be taken as pot life will be reduced.

Please refer to the Quantum99 Topcoat How To guide and the QuantumUV Clear Urethane Varnish How To guide for complete mixing and application details.

BRAND: Quantum
Type: Additives
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