Quantum HB High Build Epoxy Primer Activator
Quantum Quantum
  • Quantum HB High Build Epoxy Primer Activator

Quantum HB High Build Epoxy Activator

Quantum HB epoxy primer activator is combined with Quantum 45 epoxy primer base (sold separately) to create a high build primer that covers gouges and other surface defects easily and effectively.

There is no need to apply a surfacing primer over it. The high build primer's unique pigment blend lets you apply Quantum 99 topcoat directly over it without compromising gloss levels or smoothness.

Quantum strongly recommends Quantum epoxy primers in order to maximize adhesion and gloss for Quantum 99 polyurethane topcoat.

Available in quart and gallon sizes.

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This product is the converter that when mixed with Quantum45 Epoxy Surfacing Primer Base, creates QuantumHB High Build Epoxy Primer, a two-part epoxy-polyamide system. In subsequent coats, apply up to 20 total wet mils, waiting 1-3 hours between coats for spray application; 12-14 hours for brush/roll application.

Warning: Do not apply paint materials to surfaces less than 5°F above dew point, or to surfaces warmer than 125°F. Substrate (application surface) temperature should be minimum 45°F to maximum 125°F.


  • VOC (Activator): 2.0 LBS/GAL
  • VOC (Admixed): <420 G/L (3.5 LBS/GAL)
  • Volume Solids (Admixed): 61 +/- 2%
  • Coverage @ 1 mil (no loss): 850-900 FT2/GAL
  • Dry to Sand (1 Coat Application 3-4 wet mils): 4 Hours
  • Dry to Sand (Multiple Coats >4 mils): 16 Hours @ 72°F
  • Full Cure: 72 Hours @ 72°F
  • Mix Ratio: 1 Part Quantum45 Epoxy Surfacing Primer Base to 1 Part QuantumHB High Build Epoxy Primer Activator
  • Induction Period: 30 minutes, prior to reduction and application.
  • To decrease cure times in cooler temperatures Add Quantum45 Cold Cure Epoxy Primer Accelerator. Add up to 6 oz./mixed gallon, 1 oz. for every 5°F below 75°F.
  • Although reduction is not normally recommended, a 20-30& reduction by volume of the admixed primer with Quantum45 Epoxy Primer Reducer may be used for proper application and film thickness.
  • Please refer to the QuantumHB High Build Epoxy Primer How To guide (at left) for complete mixing and application instructions.


BRAND: Quantum
Type: Converters
4.5 2

I would use this product again.


This is the best high-build primer I have ever found. High-solids.




Thick but doesn't stretch out


This primer is really thick and really does help fill in Nicks and scratches and save you a bunch on Faring work. The primer also has really good first coat coverage. However, you will need a lot more primer for a given area then you will paint

Project refit

Lewes, DE


Quantum HB High Build Epoxy Activator



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