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TotalBoat Thixo Low Viscosity Epoxy System

TotalBoat Thixo Low Viscosity just might be the perfect all-around adhesive. Its thinner, low-viscosity formula makes it ideal for laminating, filleting, and gluing. Use it as an adhesive to bond brick, concrete, cement, and composites. Use it as a sealant on sidewalks, seams, door frames, garage floors and steps. Fill cracks, holes, and seams. The number of applications are almost limitless.

Like all Thixo models, the Low Viscosity version (or 'LV') comes in a 185ml cartridge that fits all standard caulking guns. You simply attach included mixing tips and squeeze the caulking gun handle to dispense a bead of perfectly mixed translucent paste epoxy.

Note: For use in manual caulking guns only.

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Application Tips:

  • Apply in desired thickness to both prepared surfaces and bond firmly. Make sure Thixo LV stays on the contact surfaces and is not squeezed out/off
  • Use lacquer thinner or denatured alcohol to smooth out work
  • While Thixo LV can be used in cooler weather, it mixes better warm. To warm, place near heat source and warm slowly and consistently.

Preparation and Mixing Tips:

  • For best results, use a clean, flat surface when mixing or working with Thixo Low Viscosity
  • Use a solvent like acetone or Bio-Solve to clean and prep materials before bonding
  • Insert the cartridge into the caulking gun when ready to use
  • Open the epoxy by removing collar and nozzle plug


BRAND: TotalBoat
Material: Epoxy
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Epoxy Adhesive
Usage: Bonding
4.7 9

Good Product


I am repairing and replacing boards that have wood rot. I am using this to fill voids where I dug out the rot and treated the area with Smith's CPES and also using it to fill old screw holes on ribs so when I screw in new planks I don't have to worry about always hitting new wood with the screw. Cures hard as a rock. However, it says low viscosity, and they mean it. If you are working at even a slight incline and filling a hole, it drip and be difficult to fill the void. That's not a complaint, just a warning. Overall it's been a good product, easy to work with and a time saver. Too much waste in the nozzle but there's not much to be done about that.

52 Woody

Tennessee River


Tixo Low viscosity


Works good for my small project.


Westtown NY


Worked great for a tough job


was able to repair a major wooden beam that would have been impossible to replace


The Villlages Fl


good stuff


worked good, served its purpose, dried overnite. easier than mixing things into epoxy esp when its hot and epoxy flashes quickly.


cincinnati oh


Great Stuff


Low viscosity is an accurate claim! I needed to apply epoxy to a location that was not readily accessible. I attached about 15 inches of 1/4" polyethylene tubing to the end of the static mixing tip . . . and amazingly (with the help of a wire camera), I was able to apply the epoxy exactly where needed. I'm very pleased with Thixo LV, as well as Jamestown Distributors. I paid for the "rush order" fee and I received the product in two days - despite the fact that the delivery date was not mentioned in the checkout process.


Spartanburg, SC


Not wasteful. Seemed expensive but there was no waste -


Easy to work alone, little waste




Great Product


I used this product to seal the lower edge of a sliding glass door with a concrete floor, to prevent rain water infiltration. So far, it's working great.After using, I soak the mixing nozzle in acetone, which effectively removes the epoxy and allows the nozzle to be reused.I believe it would be beneficial if a few additional sealing plugs were supplied with each tube, since they tend to get a bit mangled when removed.


Washington DC area


This is great stuff!


Used it to repair a teak bowsprit. It was easy to use. Easy to clean up. And it dries hard as steel. I love this stuff and have recommended it to friends for home repair.


Cape Charles Virginia


Great for filling workshop floor cracks


After several years of looking at & being irritated by a long, thin hairline crack in my workshop floor...I decided to do something about it because I plan on painting with an epoxy floor paint. I watched their 'Thixo' videos and was expecting it to be a very thick consistency. Instead it was fairly thin and easy to fill the crack without making a mess or wasting too much epoxy. It completely filled the crack, and you'll never know it was ever there once I paint.




TotalBoat Thixo Low Viscosity Epoxy System



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