TotalBoat Envy 2-Part Clear Gloss Varnish Kit
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  • TotalBoat Envy 2-Part Clear Gloss Varnish Kit
  • TotalBoat Envy 2-Part Clear Satin Varnish Kit
  • TotalBoat Envy Brushing Reducer

TotalBoat Envy 2 Part Varnish

TotalBoat Envy 2 Part clear varnish system brings a truly modern approach to brightwork. Its low-VOC, high-solids formula features superior UV, abrasion, and chemical resistance for an ultra clear, flexible finish that lasts 5 times as long as conventional varnishes.

Exceptional self-leveling properties and little or no sanding between coats let you achieve professional results whether you apply by spray, brush, or roller. Envy works great on bare wood, as well as over other 2-part varnishes. Available in High Gloss and Satin.

Bonus: Buy a quart kit and receive 2 plastic paint pots, 2 wooden stir sticks, 2 foam brushes, and a pair of latex gloves FREE (a $10 value).

Sold separately is Envy Brushing Reducer, formulated to improve flow characteristics. This multi-use solvent is also a surface prep cleaner, and can be used to clean equipment.

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  • TB-8431-K Envy 2-Part Gloss Varnish System - Brush/Roll Kit (Base and Activator)
  • TB-8432-K Envy 2-Part Satin Varnish System - Brush/Roll Kit (Base and Activator)
  • TB-8434 Envy Brushing Reducer (Quart)


Surface Preparation

The surface must be sanded smooth with 220 or 320-grit sandpaper. Wipe away any residue first with a tack cloth, then with a clean, lint-free rage dampened with TotalBoat Envy Brushing Reducer.


Brush/Foam Roller: To 2 parts Varnish Base (gloss or satin) add, slowly, 1 part Brushing Activator by volume. Stir or agitate well for 1-2 minutes, and allow 5 minutes of induction time. Reduction should not be needed for brushing, but 10-30% TotalBoat Envy Brushing Reducer can be added to achieve desired flow characteristics.


Brush/Foam Roller: Envy 2-Part Varnish has excellent self-leveling properties; do not overwork the varnish when applying. The wet edge working time is about 2 minutes. Envy can be overcoated without sanding for up to 12 hours. The overcoat window is between 4 and 12 hours @ 77°F, or when the surface is dry. If the 12-hour overcoat window limit is exceeded, you must sand before overcoating. Always wait 24 hours between any application and sanding. Sand with 320-grit or finer sandpaper, and wipe the surface residue away with a clean, lint-free rag dampened with TotalBoat Envy Brushing Reducer.

Recommended Application Schedule

Apply 2 coats on the first day, waiting 4 hours between coats. Wait 12-24 hours and sand lightly with 320-grit sandpaper, and apply 2 more coats, waiting 4 hours between coats. Continue this procedure until the desired number of coats have been applied. For the best finish possible, always sand directly before applying the final coat.


Use with adequate ventilation and proper respiratory protection. See SDS for complete details of composition and precautions.

Note: The material and substrate temperature should be no lower than 45°F before, during, and after application. Do not apply paint materials to surfaces less than 5°F above dew point, or to surfaces warmer than 125°F. Substrate temperature should be minimum 45° to maximum 125°F. Do not apply when precipitation or dew may affect drying performance of finish appearance.

Envy 2-Part Varnish Data 
Application Method: Brush; or roll and tip 
Mix Ratio (Brush/Roll): 2:1 
Number of Coats: 4-6 
Application Temperature: 45°F to 125°F; 0-90% RH (relative humidity) 
Film Thickness (per coat): 2-3 wet mils 
Finish: Clear, Ultra-High Gloss, or Clear Satin 
Volume Solids (Admixed): Approximately 60% 
VOC (lb/gal): .52 (Activator), 3.0 (Base), 7.68 (Reducer), 2.8 (Admixed) 
Overcoat Without Sanding: 12 hours at 77°F 
Tack-Free Time to Recoat: 45 minutes at 72°F, 50% RH 
Pot Life: 4 Hours at 72°F 
Gloss: >92% at 60° 
Satin Gloss: 20-40% at 60° 
Coverage @ 3 mils (no loss): 360 FT2/GAL 
Thinning and Cleanup: TotalBoat Envy Brushing Reducer 
Envy Brushing Reducer Data 
Induction Period: Allow an induction period of approximately 5 minutes prior to reduction and application. 
Amount: 10-30% by volume of the admixed varnish with the reducer to achieve desired results, especially on the finish coat. Depending on substrate porosity, additional reduction may be used. 
Example: 8 oz. Varnish Base (gloss or satin), 4 oz. Brushing Activator, and 1-4 oz. Brushing Reducer 
WARNING: TotalBoat Envy Brushing Reducer can expose you to chemicals including naphthalene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. TotalBoat Envy Gloss and Satin Varnish bases can expose you to chemicals including methyl isobutyl ketone, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer & reproductive toxicity. TotalBoat Envy Brushing Activator can expose you to chemicals including ethylbenzene and cumene, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer; benzene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive toxicity; and toluene, which is known to the State of California to cause reproductive toxicity. For more information, go to

BRAND: TotalBoat
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Varnishes
3.4 10

As Advertized quick dry easy to use


I first I read a lot of the 1-star reviews and chocked them up to poor technique, so I ordered a kit in Matt.I had a solid foundation of total boat penetrating epoxy. I thinned the first coat to drive it deep into the grain watching for bubbles and torching them off. Once dry I sanded out any bubbles I missed and applied one more coat of penetrating epoxy. I then sanded with 80grt wiped it down opened the Envy mixed as directed and set aside for five minutes, then mixed again.I sectioned off my project in my head and began applying the varnish to my 3 x 6 foot outdoor table with a 3 inch foam brush. I would quickly move from right to left the entire length from the center out to the edge in case I dripped. After that I would wet my brush and layoff the varnish,keeping the brush wet so it will not drag or chatter. I did 6 coats sanding every 2, my last coat is always a hand rubbed coat with a lint free rag its a trick I picked up along time ago.My project now has a very soft subtle finish that hopefully last for years


Sacramento CA


Great 2-part polyurethane


The product is great. Be sure to wear a respirator. One comment for JD - it would be great if you would accept returns on paints and finishes. By my own mistake, I ordered a satin finish when I wanted a gloss. I ordered the gloss - which is a great product. And I also have satin -- which I am not using.



Envy 2 part varnish


Didn't level as well as I hoped leaving streaks in the final finish. It was hot (90's) & I suspect it set too fast to smooth out. Seems very tough but that will take a year or two to judge.


Upstate NYS


One season disappointment.


I have refinished the teak on my boat several times over the years with varnishes , getting 3 years out of them before needing touch up. Last spring I totally sraped and sanded to bare wood. I applied Envy per the instructions. Six coats total and this is what it looks like one season later. Moisture got under it and I can literally peal it right off. Waste of time and money. Do not use on Teak!! Although my Teak is 18 years old it still would not take this finish. Better to use a good Varnish.




Great Finish Crystal Clear


This finish is an excellent choice for bright work. I used this on my wood strip kayak to protect the fiberglass resin system from UV. It produced a hard exterior that highlights the wood. I like the ease it goes on. I would caution two points though. If the surface is not level it will run and this can lead to orange peel texture in the finish if applied to thick. Second I live in the desert and it being a two part epoxy it needs to be applied in a cool room since it will have a very short pot life otherwise. I had to only mix up a total of 75ml each time to ensure it did not exotherm on me and get to hot to handle in about the 20 minute time frame.

Ritch P

Mesa, AZ


Terrible varnish


I started to use it to do the companionway and whole sole of a 36' sailboat. A lot of problems with poor leveling out. I tried spraying, roller with tipping off and brushing in a controlled temperature envir. I spoke to a paint guy at this years open house and continued to use the paint with his suggestions and still poor results. More recently when I was at the store, I spoke to a counter person about my displeasure with the product. He later checked some of my invoices and called me to say they would credit the cost of the paint. They thought I only purchased 1 kit when in fact I bought 4. They never credited any of the purchases and that was the last I heard from them. The paint is not very flexible and lifts with the slightess impact. I should say that I have done a lot of painting incl. an entire 26' sailboat with 3 coats of Perfection (bringing rave praises)

Avid DIY

Millis, MA


The Worst Varnish Product I have ever used


I used this product on a teak bow rail and it turned an 8 hour project into a 40 hour project. Every coat produced tiny bubbles that had to be sanded for hours. I thought it was the teak but I tested it on three other different woods with the same result. I used everything as instructed and it was applied in a 74 degree air conditioned shop with an air filtration system. Each coat would have less bubbles and after the fifth coat I considered it okay. I can only assume I got a bad batch because Jamestown would surely never sell such a product. If you buy this product be sure to test it first.


Merritt Island, Florida


Great, so far


I just applied seven coats to the main hatch cover. I had one boat owner stop by and tell me he could see it shinning from the other side of the marina. The real question will be how ell it holds up over time and that is why I awarded only four stars. I applied it with a four inch roller and that is what I would recommend for any suitable surface. It does want to drag, so try and avoid going back over previous finished areas.


San Diego & Wisconsin


Superb Finish!


I just finished my cedarstrip/epoxy Stand up paddle board with Total Boat envy. In the past I've used Epiphanes Spar varnish with good results but the cure time between sanding and the wait for a final cure was not an option with this deadlined project so I gave envy a try. Application was a breeze using nothing more than a foam brush and good technique. The gloss is visually stunning when cured. The fast cure(24 hours) is a huge time saver for sanding between coats and the paddle board was ready for use the day after varnishing. I liked to wait three weeks with traditional spar varnish. My one gripe however is this stuff smells strong and wickedly toxic. I actually like the smell of Epiphanes. Wear a good respirator and get out of the area as soon as you can with this stuff! The cost I thought was initially high but once all the components are mixed this stuff will go a long ways.If time is an issue and you are more concerned with a high quality finish above all else this is your varnish.


Havre, MT

Very Happy!


I needed to re-finish the oak rub rail on my dory, so I took a trip to Jamestown one rainy Friday when I didn't have too much else on the agenda. I went with the express purpose to buy a marine finish product made by a well-known company whose name starts with "S." However, after a very helpful conversation with the salesman, I began to reconsider my plans. The deal was sealed when I took a look at the picnic table in the back of the store--each board is finished with a different kind of sealer. I really liked the deep, clear finish from the Total Boat Envy Epoxy versus the more yellow color of the product I was originally considering. Ended up buying the Total Boat Epoxy.It finally warmed up enough in my garage so that I could strip the rails. With that done, I started putting on the epoxy. A pretty easy process.I followed the instructions on the web site pretty closely. First, light sanding (I used one of those flexible very fine sanding pads--perfect for the rounded edges of the rail). Then used a rag to apply the Reducer (you really should invest in a can of this stuff, too). Then, two coats of epoxy about 6 hours apart followed by a light sanding 24 hours later. Followed the same process for the next two coats. Then, one final coat (that made 5 coats in all).I really like how clear the finish is and how smooth and hard it seems. A year or two in the sun in Maine will tell how well it will stand the test of time, but I am very pleased with the result so far.




Envy 2-Part Clear Varnish



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