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TotalBoat Lust Marine Varnish

TotalBoat Lust is the first one-part marine spar varnish allowing rapid recoating without requiring sanding between coats. It cures to a rich, warm, amber finish.

Traditional spar varnishes need time-consuming sanding between coats. Other (non-varnish) wood finishes try to mimic the look of varnish without the work, but Lust stands alone.

Almost 50% faster to apply by spray or brush/roller, Lust's unique linseed oil modified polyurethane formula provides smooth flow-out, & more importantly, lets you recoat in 1 hour @ 72°F, ultimately up to 5 coats in one day. Its strong UV properties make it a great choice for brightwork. Get a durable, smooth and beautiful finish faster so you can move on to other projects.

Available in High Gloss and Matte. All orders include 2 paint pots, 2 stir sticks, 2 2" foam brushes, and 2 paint strainers.

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Item Number  Finish  Size 
TB-6489-K  High Gloss  Pint 
TB-2869-K  High Gloss  Quart 
TB-3456-K  High Gloss  2-Quart Kit 
TB-6490-K  High Gloss  Gallon 
TB-8392-K  Matte  Pint 
TB-8393-K  Matte  Quart 
TB-3457-K  Matte  2-Quart Kit 
TB-6608-K  Matte  Gallon 
TB3458-K (High Gloss/Matte Combo Kit)  Matte  2-Quart Kit 

Look Who's Using Lust

In the December/January 2020 issue of Fine Homebuilding magazine, Peter Gedrys, a finishing expert in East Haddam, CT, says he got great results brushing TotalBoat Lust on a piece of veneer plywood.

Peter says, "Right off the bat, I found that the varnish had good flow characteristics. Overall, Lust is an easy product to work with...the cost is in line with premium alternatives and the dry time is faster." You can read the complete article in the SPEC section, Great Finds Inspired By Our Best Houses (Issue 288).

Fine Homebuilding article about TotalBoat Lust Spar Varnish.

"Made to improve on slow-drying spar varnishes, this modified linseed oil polyurethane is a worthy competitor." — Peter Gedrys, finishing expert

Important Application Notes for Lust Matte: Lust Matte is not intended for use as a sealer (base) coat. For a low-sheen finish with maximum clarity, we recommend using Lust Gloss or Gleam Gloss for sealer (base) and build coats. Finish with a topcoat of Lust Matte, which can be thinned with TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100 for improved flow.

Our New 2-Quart Kits Give You More Lust—for Less. And the Combo Kit Gives You Greater Clarity for a Matte Finish.

You told us how much you love Lust, so now you can buy High Gloss and Matte in 2-Quart Kits and save money. For those who want a matte finish with greater clarity, there's a combo kit containing 1 quart of TotalBoat Lust High Gloss Varnish and 1 quart of Lust Matte Varnish that allows you to build gloss coats to protect and highlight the wood grain, then finish with a couple of coats of matte varnish to get the smooth, gorgeous, non-gloss finish you desire.

What Makes TotalBoat Lust So Special?

In 2013, we introduced the first TotalBoat varnish, Gleam. While Gleam has been a tremendous success, comparing favorably with other one-part varnishes, our product development team continued testing formulations. Untold hours were spent evaluating gloss, UV resistance, build depth per coat, working time, and other critical factors.

TotalBoat Lust is the final result of all this testing. Being able to overcoat with no sanding, in as little as one hour, is a tremendous advantage and a quality unique to Lust.

Compared to Gleam, Lust's noticeably thicker viscosity will remind you of traditional European varnishes. Thicker viscosity means Lust can be thinned as needed for even more coverage.

If you need to finish a varnishing job quickly, you can apply up to 5 coats a day, under optimal conditions. Also, to overcoat, sanding is not necessary up to 48 hours. The results are truly UV resistant, flexible, and durable, with enhanced grain depth. Try it and see for yourself just how remarkable this innovative formula is on any type of wood, especially teak.

Note: If applying varnish in hot weather, it's more difficult to maintain a workable (wet) edge. Air temperature and humidity are important factors, but you must also consider the temperature of the wood surface. For example, if the air temperature is 100°F, the temperature of a dense, dark wood surface would exceed a recommended application temperature of 105°F. Other considerations in keeping a workable edge in hot weather include the size of the area you're varnishing, the time of day, and the amount of thinner or reducer added.

Please refer to the Lust Technical Data Sheet for complete mixing, thinning, and application details.

An Easier, Faster Way to Apply Sealer Coats

Bare wood, especially plywood, is very porous and needs to be sealed before applying build and finish coats of varnish. If not, the initial coats of varnish soak into the wood, requiring more varnish (and more money) to apply enough build coats until the surface is uniformly level enough for the final coat of varnish. With unsealed oily woods like teak and mahogany, the varnish's viscosity will not allow it to penetrate the wood grain and adhere properly, which will eventually cause it to lift and ruin the finish—and all your hard work.

For this reason, the first few sealer coats of varnish are typically thinned in order to penetrate and seal the wood. These sealer coats take time to apply, time to dry, and must be sanded between coats. Now there's an improved way to apply sealer coats.

Introducing TotalBoat Wood Sealer, it's easier and faster than using unthinned varnish for sealer coats. It seals bare wood grain and smooths the surface on all types of wood, doesn't require sanding between coats, and dries more quickly than thinned varnish. And unlike other wood sealers, it contains UV blockers that protect your beautiful varnish finish down to the wood surface. TotalBoat Wood Sealer is clear, so it enhances the beauty of the wood grain and the varnish finish. TotalBoat Wood Sealer (sold separately) is compatible with 1-part varnish, and is ideal for use with TotalBoat Gleam 2.0 and TotalBoat Lust varnish finishes. Refer to the Lust Spar Varnish Technical Data sheet for details on using TotalBoat Woods Sealer with Lust.


  • Rapid recoating achieves a high build and a durable, smooth finish more quickly
  • Long-lasting gloss clarity, gloss retention, and exceptional UV resistance
  • Will cure overnight at 45°F

Technical Specifications

  • Appearance: Ultra High Gloss or Matte
  • Gloss Specs (DOI): >80% @ 20°, >92% @ 60°
  • Color: Clear Amber
  • Density: 7.56 LBS/GAL
  • Volume Solids: 53% by weight; 48% by volume
  • VOC: 419 g/L (Coating); 416 g/L (Material)
  • Wet Edge Time: 5 minutes at 72°F
  • Tack-Free to Recoat: 1 hour at 72°F
  • Coverage at 1 mil (no loss): 750 FT2/GAL
  • Coverage at 3 mils (no loss): 250 FT2/GAL
  • Thinning: TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100 (Brushing/Rolling); Xylene (Spraying)
  • Recommended Application Temperatures: Do not apply Lust to surfaces colder than 45°F or warmer than 105°F.
  • Recommended Curing Temperature: Do not attempt to cure this product at temperatures lower than 45°F.
  • Cleanup: TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100

Recommended Application Notes

  • Maximum recommended coats per day: 3 to 4
  • Apply two to three light, smooth, even coats (2-3 wet mils) per day for two to three days.
  • Depending on ambient temperatures, you have 45-90 seconds to maintain a workable edge.
  • Lust is dry to recoat after 1 hour at 72°F. Recoat only when surface is tack-free to the touch.
  • Before sanding and applying final coat, allow to cure 48 hours.
  • Best results are achieved when surface is sanded smooth with 320 grit paper after every 2-3 coats to remove sags or dust. If only 1-3 coats are applied per day, you can do this sanding after 24 hrs.
  • After 48 hours without any overcoating, a light scuff/sanding is necessary, commonly using 320 grit. If surface has sags or dust, you can use 220. Always go back over with 320 as 220 scratches show
  • After sanding, vacuum and solvent wipe with mineral spirits or denatured alcohol.

Accelerated Application Notes

  • If applying 4+ coats per day, wait up to 48 hours before sanding and applying subsequent coats.
  • After sanding, vacuum and solvent wipe with mineral spirits or denatured alcohol.


BRAND: TotalBoat
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Varnishes
4.2 121

I would buy this product again.


I used this over your west epoxy.




Optimistic so far


Heard it recommended on radio for cedar so got it to try on our 24 yr old deck chairs. First few coats thinned 50/50 with high gloss, then 1-2 coats of matte only thinned 20%. They came out nice, dry time was as advertised. It is more expensive than other products we have used, but we have never been happy with others we tried,'s hoping. We'll know in a year and a half.


Franklin PA


Great product


4th reincarnation for my 50 year old wood- fiberglass canoe. Easiest & quickest varnishing ever


Waterbury VT


Excellent so far


First time I've used this product. Liked the ability to apply multiple coats over a short time period. Seems durable. Interested to see what it looks like after a summer in the sun.




Nice wood finish for dory boat trim


This varnish dries very quickly and applies nicely. My last few coats were thinned and I plan one more coat to finish it off after the season.


Cedarville MI


I would buy again but not from this merchant!


Product was great, but your constant barrage of sales pitches leaves md flat!



Beautiful gloss finish!!!


This is great product!! Used for a bunch of different backyard projects and worked good on all tours of wood!!

The home improver

Las Vegas, NV


I will use this product again.


I like the finish and the fact I can re-coat 4times in one day.


Carrollton Georgia


I would not recommend


I followed all instructions. Visually it's a very nice look on and outdoor bar top. But the finish needs to be harder to withstand use. It very easily damaged.


Harrisburg PA


Love the finish of lust


at first few coats I really like the amber/pink on it but at 4th to 6th coats it's too glossy for me. I did plan for this and bought a quart of satin or non-gloss one. So ill apply that for final finish.Very easy to apply and the self leveling worked. I did sand after second coat as theres parts of the area where it wasn't smooth no problem not as much as the other products.. after that I didn't need to sand again..For high end outdoor builds this will be my go to. Unfortunately I can't always ask clients to pay for this premium product.Hope it lasts as described so we'll see after a year.Thanks.




TotalBoat Lust Marine Varnish



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