TotalBoat Trailer-Mounted Boat Lift
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  • TotalBoat Trailer-Mounted Boat Lift
  • Trailer-Mounted Boat Lift
  • Trailer-Mounted Boat Lift

TotalBoat Trailer-Mounted Boat Lift

The TotalBoat Trailer-Mounted Boat Lift is a safe, stress-free way to raise a boat weighing up to 10,000 pounds up to 12" above the bunks or rollers, by yourself. Do routine maintenance with your boat still securely attached to the trailer.

This simple but ingenious system uses four lifts attached to your trailer and positioned under the four strongest areas of the boat: hull chines, stringers, and transom. While raising the boat, it's easy to keep the load balanced by turning the adjustable rod on each lift one half turn at a time. As your boat lifts up off of the trailer, it remains stable and secure because the lifts are attached firmly to the trailer itself.

Sturdy, adjustable lifts are extremely easy to configure to accommodate a wide range of boat shapes and sizes. No more hoists or dangerous improvised solutions! See below for fit information.

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Important Fit Requirements

The Trailer-Mounted Boat Lift System requires minimum clearance heights where each lift is mounted:

Make sure there is a minimum of 12" clearance from the ground to the bottom of your trailer frame. Additionally, the distance from the top of the trailer frame to the chines must be no less than 10".

Boats with very low trailers and or low rise from the trailer to the boat may lack sufficient clearance. The lift is designed for use on trailer beams 2" to 3" wide and 4.5" to 5.75" tall.

Please inquire if you have any questions whatsoever.

Trailer-Mounted Boat Lift Features:

  • Constructed of solid steel, including handles and nuts, each lift stand has a lift capacity of 2,500 pounds (1,134 kg)
  • 1-7/16" ACME threaded center rod provides smooth adjustment under load
  • Top plates swivel on ball joints with an 18° articulation in all directions
  • Made and tested in the USA to ensure the best quality available to maximize safety
  • Stands may be mounted either inside or outside the trailer piping.
  • Stands have 2 (Short and Tall) configurations to suit different boat and trailer designs

Trailer-Mounted Boat Lift Kit Contents:

  • 4 tops (orange top with threaded rod)
  • 4 base mounts (rectangular tube with round tube welded into it)
  • 8 mounting plates (flat plate with holes)
  • Fasteners
  • 2 extension tubes


BRAND: TotalBoat
Type: Portable Boat Lifts
4.4 17

Great Idea but hampered by faulty design work & shoddy MFG.


Ok first it is a great design and will worgreat once you fix the manufacturing design problems. First Brownell didn't design the mounting plates to mount on any trailer with rails ladger than 2 1/2 inches. This excludes most heavy duty aluminum trailers manufactured today such as Magic Tilt which rails are 3 1/2 inch aluminum I beam. So to get these to mount they have to modified. This is really irritating since the problem could be avoided by making the plates 1 1/2 inches longer and adding an extra hole for the larger trailers. I have included some pictures of the problem and the modifications that had to ne made. also the paint sub standard and they plates had already started to rust.




Very close to being awesome


As others have said you have to have a very narrow trailer beam for them to fit. Mine is like a small I Beam, I think most trailers these days are. They would not fit without a lot of effort and some engineering. Once they are on they work well and are solid.


South Florida


Handy and innovative design.


Thought the painted finish a little cheap, could've been a little better quality finish. Thought the lifting pads would've had maybe a rubber pad.

Capt Don

Manatee River, Florida


How did I live without it!!!!


This is the best tool I have bought in a long time. This is a must have item for both the professional and Diy'er as well. The ONLY negative is the threads are not long enough to accommodate all trailers and a 2x4 block was used between the lower plate and trailer to take up the space. Just supply different bolts and it would be perfect.


Long island Ny


Great product but read the measurements and fine print!


I am restoring a 25' Cuddy ~ 5500lbs. I read from another review they did not read the fine print and all of the measurements required. The plates used to secure the jacks to the trailer were too short, the solution they used was 1/4 flat bar, remade the plates and corrected the shortage. Since my boat is so large, fiberglass hardtop with aluminum framed windows and I am in a confined space I did not want to risk dropping from the trailer on to blocks. I re-made the plates 2" larger in depth, fits snug, used bolts that came with kit and they work as advertised. The product does clearly say what is needed. Here is the kicker, I did measure and was not going to buy these as I have the same issue, however since they succeeded, shared their story, I can confirm this can be done on the larger I beam trailers! Just wish you guys could include a 2nd set of plates to accommodate this issue.


Summerville, SC


Excellent worked great.


Easy to order and receive. Neighbors are jealous.




Great job


Good product. Takes about one hour to install. Need to raise evenly. I hot out of kilter. And cracked my t top


Falmouth ma


Works Good


Works good for a 25' Contender. It's safe but be smart. Could use longer pipes for more leverage.I can walk in boat but don't.

Wavelength Charters

Wilmington, NC


Great product and working great for my boat project


Trophy 1802FJ boat has been on the lift system going on 2+ weeks now and it's holding like a champ. No worries at all. I was able to work with the mounting design for a near perfect install on my trailer. You have many different options to mount the lifts. I was by myself and 60 minutes from unboxing to boat lifted off off the bunks.


Lynchburg, VA


I would buy again


I did not check the spec sheet prior to bad. It does not fit large aluminum I-beam trailers that are common in South Florida. I ended up building wooden frames for the jacks and lifting the boat from the ground. Sometimes a man has to improvise.

Steve the improvisor



TotalBoat Trailer-Mounted Boat Lift



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