Corona Europa badger hair paint brushes
Corona Corona Brushes
  • Corona Europa badger hair paint brushes

Corona Europa Brushes

Spend a little more for flexible, high-quality Corona Europa brushes and get better brush control, more coverage per dip, and exceptional paint release for a glassy smooth finish free of holidays and brush marks.

No one looks forward to varnishing every year, but the Europa provides myriad reasons not to dread the task: an ultra-fine chiseled edge allows sharper cutting-in for neater trim work, a full stock of densely-packed bristles and well-placed plugs ensure superb paint pick-up, and flagged tips allow greater paint retention and more uniform application of marine varnishes, urethanes, oil-based enamels, and stains.

Badger-style pure China bristles clean up well and retain their shape. With proper care, they'll be trusted tools for years to come. Available in five sizes for painting and varnishing all the nooks and crannies on your boat.

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Corona Brushes: Made in the USA and Engineered for Excellence

For over 80 years Corona Brushes, Inc., has created the ultimate in painting tools. Their unique formulations of the finest quality materials provide the right amount of suppleness and flex ideal for application of marine coatings.

Ideally, you may want to have separate brushes for varnish and for oil-based enamel. For convenience when varnishing in warmer weather, keep a couple of extra brushes in each size handy so when one starts to drag a little you can replace it with a fresh one and keep going.


  • Extra fine, hand-formed chiseled tip for sharper lines, better coverage and smoothest texture for topcoats and brightwork
  • Pure China bristle offers superior flex and taper for exceptional brush control
  • Black-lacquered, hardwood handle is ergonomically designed for hours of comfort where accurate positioning and brush control is essential
  • Solvent-resistant epoxy settings for maximum durability
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel ferrule


Brush Width  Thickness  Trim Length 
1"  3/8"  1-15/16" 
1.5"  7/16"  1-15/16" 
2"  7/16"  1-15/16" 
2.5"  1/2"  2-3/16" 
3"  1/2"  2-3/16" 
BRAND: Corona
Type: China Bristle
5.0 2

All shipshape


For yacht repair & maintenance.Good quality product with great services.Best of the two world for a satisfy yacht Captain��Keep up the good work mates😃

Serge the Seawolf

New York


This badger brush is great for varnishing.


I used this brush for varnishing. I like the relatively short handle and feel of the brush in my hand.


coventry, ct


Corona Europa Brushes



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