Diaphragm Waste Pump for emptying boat waste holding tanks
ITT Jabsco Jabsco water pump
  • Diaphragm Waste Pump for emptying boat waste holding tanks

Jabsco 12V Diaphragm Waste Pump

Jabsco diaphragm waste pump for emptying waste holding tanks on boats with 12V systems. This pump can handle both macerated and non-macerated waste without clogging. Jabsco's simple design makes it extremely reliable and capable of passing nearly any solid waste. This versatile waste pump may also be used for bait tank evacuation and other applications with occasional small suspended solids in the fluid being pumped.
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  • Flexible installation.
  • No filter required.
  • Compact and simple design.
  • 12V compatible
  • Dry running capability.
  • Connections for 1 1/2 inch ports.
  • Up to 5 GMP flow.
  • Relevant Standards: ISO 8846 MARINE and USCG Regulations for Ignition Protection ISO 8849 MARINE Bilge Pump Standard.
  • Built to ISO 15083 Specification.
  • Meets BSEN 50081 (Electro Magnetic Compatibility)
  • Rated up to three hours continuous use.


Type: Waste Pumps
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