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Jabsco Electric Flush Pump Converter

Jabsco Electric Flush Pump Converter converts all PAR manually operated toilets to electric operation. Complete for 29090/2910 series, compact and regular bowl, left or right hand manual toilets. Features a large control knob on the top of the unit for simple turn to flush capability. This pump is self-priming and rinses the bowl while waste pump macerates and evacuates waste.
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  • Directly replaces manual pump assembly.
  • Dual action control allows water to level to be varied.
  • Suitable for use in above or below waterline.
  • Built in macerator.
  • Self-priming up to 2ft.
  • Waste pump discharges over an anti syphon loop up to 6ft and out of a thru-hull fitting down to 3ft below the surface.
  • Typical power consumption is less than 1 Amp hour (12 Volt) or 0.5 Amp hour (24 Volt) per day.
  • Meets EN50081-2 for Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Meets ISO 8846 Marine and US Coast Guard 183.410 for ignition protection.


Type: Toilet Service Kits
1.7 3

Didnt work need customer service help for getting the right


would recommend this product if your sure it is the right one!




Paper Gaskets Leak


Works great when it works. But... Mine has leaked about 5 times in 8 years. It's always one of the two thin paper gaskets near the bottom. The entire pump must be disassembled to replace these gaskets. Jabsco (and now the company that bought Jabsco) will not sell the gaskets separately, only the full rebuild kit. The kit runs $70 - $110 online. Do not buy this pump unless you enjoy rebuilding things.

Bill C.

Sacramento, CA


Poorly Engineered


Paper gaskets combined with pan head stainless screws that ream out easily make this smelly, nasty esperience a twice a year job. Second pump in four years and current pump (factory new) needs rebuilding after less than one year. Try anything else first.


Pass Christian, MS


Jabsco Electric Flush Pump Converter



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