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Humminbird Transducers

Humminbird Transducers for a wide range of fishfinders and fishing systems. Transducers differ by mounting type, connector type, number of beams and area of coverage. Choose from Transom mount, puck, trolling motor, and thru hull transducers for use with Humminbird marine electronics.
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Humminbird Transducer Types and Descriptions:

Transom Mount Transducer

Humminbird Transom-mount transducers attach to the transom (back) of the boat in contact with the surface of the water. Many models incorporate an impact release feature that allows the transducer to pivot up and out of the way if struck by an object. 20 ft of cable and hardware included.

Puck Transducer

Puck transducers mount to the inside of most fiberglass hulls and trasmit the sonar signal through the hull. The hull must be a single layer fiberglass construction (cored fiberglass, metal or wood are not acceptable) and be free of trapped air and voids. The transducer is glued in with slow cure epoxy. 15 ft cable and epoxy included.

Trolling Motor Transducer

Trolling motor mount transducers are desinged to mount onto the body of most trolling motors. A low profile shape reduces drag in the water and minimizes hang-ups on weeds. 15 ft cable and hardware are included. The hose clamp includes has a minimum diameter of 3.5 inches and a maximum diameter of 5.5 inches.

Bronze Thru Hull Transducer

Bronze thru Hull transducers are for large boats and boat with in-board motors that make typical transducer ineffective. Not recommeded for trailered boates. Professional installation recoomended. 30 ft cable and hardware included - fairing block not included.

Bronze 3 in 1 Transducer

Bronze 3 in 1 transducers combine sonar, temperture and speed sensor into one unit. Not recommended for trailered boats. Professional installation recommended. 30 ft cable and hardware included.

Plastic Thru Hull Transducer

Plastic thru hull transducers are an economical alternative to bronze, and work with thinner hulls such as aluminum. Internal steel sleave provides extra reinforcement. Not for trailered boats. Professional installation recommended. 30 ft cable and hardware included.

BRAND: Humminbird
Type: Transducers
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