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2015 Preseason Bottompaint Survey
How long is your boat?
What is the make and model of your boat?
How is your boat stored?
What are your local water conditions?
  • Fresh water

  • Salt water

  • Brackish water

Who applies your boat's bottom paint?
Do you think you'll purchase the same bottom paint this year as you did last?
If looking for a new paint, what is the reason(s) for switching?
Which of the following types of paint might you consider using this year? (Select all that apply)
  • Ablative

  • Hard

  • Hybrid

  • Solvent based

  • Water based

  • Copper biocide

  • Copper-free biocide

  • Biocide-free

  • Other

Which of the following brands might you consider using this year? (Select all that apply)
  • Aquagaurd

  • E-paint

  • Interlux

  • Pacifica

  • Pettit

  • SeaHawk

  • TotalBoat

  • Other

Please provide your city or town
Please provide your zipcode
Click here to go to the map and get the latitude and longitude
We'd like to follow up again when you pull your boat out of the water and log specifics of your fouling as well as your bottom paint performance. Please enter your email address here if you'd be willing to take an end of season survey:
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