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Nothing is more important on your boat than safety. Each year boating fires injure hundreds of people and cost thousands of dollars in property damages. Luckily, incidents like these can be avoided with the proper detectors and safety devices. Fireboy Xintex complete fire extinguishing systems are specifically designed for marine use to keep you, your passengers and your boat safe at all times.

Fireboy Fire Extinguishers

According to the USCG, 90 percent of marine fires start in the boat's engine room or compartment. Fireboy fire extinguishers are designed for use in the engine room to provide 24/7 protection. When the engine room reaches a temperature of 175 degrees Fahrenheit, the extinguisher automatically activates, putting out the fire in under ten seconds and without using water, messy powder or residue. This protects your engine from damage and makes clean up easy.

Not only will installing a fire extinguisher or suppression sysem provide additional safety, it could also lower your boat's insurance premiums. Many marine insurance providers offer discounted rates on boats with a fixed fire extinguisher system installed on them.

All Fireboy Xintex systems are constructed from high quality materials and are 100 percent factory tested and backed by a three year warranty, guaranteeing you will be receiving premium safety components that are built to last.

Fireboy Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide is known as the silent killer because it cannot be seen, smelt or tasted. It is deadly and easily generated wherever combustion occurs, on a boat this would typically be near the engine compartment, heaters and cooking appliances. The chemical is particularly dangerous in confined areas, which is why it is vital to have the proper carbon monoxide detector on your vessel, to protect yourself, your family, crew and other passengers.

From the standard 9 Volt detector to the deluxe CO Sentinel, Fireboy offers a complete line of CO detectors for a variety of budgets and boat sizes. The standard detector operates on a basic 9V battery with low power consumption and no wiring for easy installation. It is ideal for use on recreational boats without an existing carbon monoxide alarm or those that need more alarm protection. The CO Sentinel gives you the option of automatic generator shut down, when hazardous CO levels are detected. It can also be connected to up to six other detectors in various locations on your boat that will simultaneously alarm when one detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Gas Propane Detectors

Gas fumes have the potential to become a serious risk at any time, even when your engine is not running or even if you have a blower fan. Most fans do not operate prior to engine start up. If this is the case, gasoline fumes can ignite due to an electrical short circuit, battery hydrogen explosion or smoking near the engine compartment, even when the engine is not operating.

Fuel leaks also create fumes faster than a blower can clear them. So, even if your blower is functioning properly and a fuel leak were to occur the fumes pose a potential threat. Propane fumes are also an issue of concern on boats. They are heavier than air and can settle below the deck or in the bilge causing the potential for detonation from engine start up or any sort of electrical spark. For these reasons it is extremely important to install propane and gas fume detectors on your boat.

Fireboy gasoline fume detectors and propane fume detectors are designed to measure the explosive levels and alert you before levels become hazardous.