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Marine Exhaust Systems

Exhaust components offered by Vetus and Centek are designed for marine wet exhaust systems. Water integrated wet exhaust systems offer the advantage of sound deadening those exhaust gases that otherwise crackle the midnight air. Wet exhaust cools the high temperature gases, which adds a measure of safety and also lowers the sound carrying capability. To do this effectively, consideration must be given to a design that mixes the water and gas enough without creating back pressure in the engine. Specifications to any particular engine should always be taken into consideration whenever installing these items. An excellent safety provision for any exhaust system is installing an exhaust temperature alarm. This senses an overheating engine earlier than the thermostat found in the coolant system. This simple measure can quickly detect a clogged sea strainer or restricted water pump before the internal temperature has risen high enough to seize an engine. An engine exhaust alarm is recommended on wet exhaust system.