Martyr Zinc Pencils With Plug

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Martyr Zinc Pencils With Plug

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Product Details

Martyr Zinc Pencils for inboard and stern drive engines. The sacrificial pure zinc rod prevents galvanic corrosion on internal engine parts. Anodes are sold with a brass end plug. UNC size anode thread screws into the plug. NPT size plug thread screws into engines, heat exchangers, pipes, condensers, water cooling jackets, etc.

Zinc anodes should be checked periodically and replaced when only 1/3 of zinc rod remains.

Tech Specs
Model Size" NPT" UNC"
MTR CME001/4 x 21/81/4
MTR CME003/8 x 1 3/41/45/16
MTR CME11/2 x 23/8 3/8
MTR CME1D1/2 x 1 3/43/8 3/8
MTR CME1E1/2 x 1 1/23/8 3/8
MTR CME1F1/2 x 1 1/43/8 3/8
MTR CME25/8 x 21/27/16
MTR CME33/4 x 23/41/2
MTR CME43/4 x 3 3/83/41/2
MTR CME53/4 x 3 5/83/41/2
MTR CM272100200300Z (Yanmar)1 x 1/83/43/8