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Martyr aluminum anode kits for Mercury Verado outboards includes a complete set of sacrificial anodes that prevent galvanic corrosion. Anodes should be replaced after 2/3 has eroded or once a year, which ever comes first.

It is recommended that you apply a small amount of grease to fastener threads for easy removal and replacement the following season.

Kits are available for 4 and 6 cylinder Verado outboards.

Aluminum anodes are for salt and brackish water.

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Technical Information

  • Kits Contain The Following

  • MTR-CMVERADO4KITA : CM818298A ,CM826134A (2), CM762145A
  • MTR-CMVERADO6KITA : CM880653A, CM892227A (4), CM826134A (2), CM762145A