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Sierra's Premium Marine Wire Sets for inboard or outboard are durable and highly conductive. They feature Mag-core wire ignition and utilize a magnetic firing Kevlar core. The core is wound tightly with low resistance stainless steel wire that produces a high energy spark for superior performance, ensuring the wires have a long life.

These Premium Wire Sets prolong engine life as well by suppressing RFI/EMI and eliminating interference with on board electronics. Their corrosion resistant stainless steel spark plugs, distributor terminals and premium wire leads ensure maximum conductivity, while premium silicone jacketing and boots protect the wires from heat, dirt and moisture.

Tech Specs
Inboard Wire SetsDescription
SIE 880014 Cyl. std. ignition
SIE 880114.3L 262CID std. ignition
SIE 88032GM v-8 std. ignition
SIE 88041Hei ign. Thunderbolt 4
SIE 881014.3L elec. ignition
SIE 881113.0L/181 elec. ignition
SIE 88201Std. electronic ignition V8
SIE 88241V-8 Eng. W/Delco-Voya
SIE 88261Chrysler sm. block V8
Outboard Wire SetsDescription
SIE 881514 Lead
SIE 881616 Lead
SIE 8818112 Lead
SIE 523119" Spark plug wire
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All Sierra parts are guaranteed for the life of the vessel they are installed on.