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Festool StickFix Saphir 5 inch Discs for RO 125 and ES 125 Sanders

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Festool StickFix Saphir 5 inch Discs for RO 125 and ES 125 Sanders
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Product Details

Festool Saphir Abrasives are for use with Festool 5" RO 125 and ES 125 sanders, with StickFix abrasive attachment.

StickFix is the Festool brand name for hook and loop (H&L) sandpaper.

Saphir abrasives are for heavy-duty use.

25 sheets per pack

Tech Specs
Saphir ApplicationsSuggested GritProcess Level
WoodP24 - P50heavy duty
WoodP80 - P120coarse sanding
PaintP36 - P50heavy duty
PaintP80 - P120coarse sanding
Plastics, Fiberglass, CompositesP80 - P120heavy duty
Concrete, SteelP36 - P50heavy duty
Concrete, SteelP80 - P120coarse sanding
Info & Guides

Saphir abrasive is suitable for heavy duty use with a variety of materials; Wood, Paint, Plastics, Fiberglass, Composites, Concrete and Steel.


  • Use grits P24 to P60 for extreme conditions: hogging out material or sanding heavily worn, hard surfaces such as stairs. Saphir offers exceptional service life due to high tear-resistant fabric backing. Saphir outlasts other abrasives, particularly near edges or on uneven surfaces. Saphir is ideal for wooden boat work.

  • Use grits P80 to P120 to work up to prep for finish sanding. Use Rubin abrasives for improved surface quality.


  • Use grits P40 to P60 for sanding hard surfaces, stubborn finishes, well set fillers or gel-coat layers. For best surface quality use Brilliant 2 abrasives.

  • Use grits P80 to P120 to prep for finish sanding. Great on uneven surfaces because of its resilient fabric backing and bonding coat.

    Plastics, Fiberglass, Composites:

  • Use grits P80 to P120 for extreme conditions and to sand fiberglass reinforced and carbon fiber reinforced plastics. Great range of grits works for fast material removal where surface quality is not paramount.

    Concrete, Steel:

  • Use grits P24 to P50 on aggregate surfaces like stucco or to remove corrosion from weathered steel. Durable and heat resistant bonding coat and tear resistant fabric backing ensure long service life. Great for hull work on boats.

  • Use grits P80 to P120 to prep for finish sanding. For fine sanding use Brilliant 2 abrasives.


    Use the coarsest grit P24 on those tough jobs where grinder-like material removal is required. Work your way up through the grits to improve surface quality. Use on hard materials and in difficult areas where standard abrasives just don't hold up.