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Pettit VOC Free Thinner 120 is a general-purpose thinner that contains zero VOCs, and may be used in placed of standard 120 Brushing Thinner in applications where volatile organic compounds are a concern.

Its moderate evaporation rate is slower than conventional thinners, and leaves behind zero residue. 120VOC provides excellent flow and leveling when used with Pettit solvent-based topside paints, antifouling paints, and varnishes. Great for thinning the viscosity of paints and varnishes that have been stored for extended periods of time, and for cleaning paint from tools and equipment.

Available in Quart and Gallon sizes.

Tech Specs
Recommended Uses Brushing Thinner, Surface Prep Solvent Wash, Tool Cleaner
Compatibility Use with all Pettit solvent-based topside enamels and varnishes; Pettit antifouling paints except for all Hydrocoat paints, Neptune5, and Ultima SR-60
Thinning Recommendation For brush applications, thin up to 10% for desired flow
VOC Content 0 g/L
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Technical Information


  • Great general purpose thinner helps maintain a wet edge when painting
  • Contains no VOCs so it's ideal for areas concerned about VOC levels
  • Moderate rate of evaporation for excellent flow and leveling when used in topside paints and varnishes
  • Leaves no residue behind and is great for cleaning equipment and tools
  • Can be used instead of Pettit 120 Brushing Thinner in specified Pettit topside paints, antifouling paints, and varnishes

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -