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Permatex PermaPoxy 5 Minute General Purpose Epoxy
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PermaPoxy 5 Minute General Purpose Epoxy
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Permatex PermaPoxy 5 Minute General Purpose Epoxy Customer Questions and Answers

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can perma poxey be used on auto interior mirriors??

Asked on 10/05/2018 by van from valley springs calif

Top Answer

It says it bonds to glass, should work.

Answered on 10/16/2018 by JD Tech Team
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How do you apply this to fiberglass crack, with a brush or what?

Asked on 06/25/2013 by Terry Rhindress

Top Answer

Kind of depends (doesn't it always!) If the crack is a failure of the fibers and goes deep then you'll want to add some fibers to your fix, maybe on some side you do not see add some glass matt and more resin or epoxy. But if it is just an aesthetic problem then I'd mix a batch, draw a vacuum on it to de-bubble your mix and then brush it (finally your answer!) into the crack and maybe put a skin over it to prevent sagging (off the top of my head maybe a silicon baking mat would have the proper releasing aspect.) But as the above shows, I wonder what the nature of the crack is - that will be important if you want your "fix" to be a fix. Whatever you use to apply epoxy is a one use item. Once it sets it becomes an art object!

Answered on 06/25/2013 by PAUL BOSTWICK
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